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Past President, Eddie Rousse sprays water on the spruced up flower bed in the city parking lot at 106 South Main street.

The garden plots at 106 S. Main St. are getting a much-needed make-over and the bees and butterflies couldn’t be happier!  Starting in mid-July, members Eddie Rousse, Joe Shadroi, John Steinman, Karl Rinker and

Nicole DiDomenico – as well as  friends and four Rotary Club members - began by assessing the plots by first seeking assistance from the Granite City Garden Club for direction.   For example, since the goal of the plots, originally, was to serve as a pollinator’s garden, it was requested that we leave some of the somewhat unsightly milkweed as it is a host plant for (and provides all the nourishment necessary for) a Monarch caterpillar to transform into the adult butterfly!  It also made sense to leave some of the existing perennials that are still healthy, and request the help the Reynold’s House owners for access to watering neighboring plots.

This is what the beds looked like before the club members and helpers cleaned them up.

Given that and other considerations, the group has already methodically weeded and mulched two of the three plots using cardboard donated by John S. and Bob Pope as a barrier, and mulch donated by Karl R.  The third and last plot to be cleaned up will be weeded and mulched as time allows and before the end of August based on volunteer availability. Also prior to September,  donated perennials from Montpelier Rotary President Melinda Vieux’s personal collection will be transplanted into these plots, and thanks to an anonymous $200 donation, the rest of what is needed will be purchased and planted. Soon, the once-overlooked plots will be lush with more day lilies, white and lavender flox, hostas, bee balm, Black-eyed Susans, and ground cover such as Lily of the Valley! Stay tuned!

President John & Lynn Steinman and Joe Shadroui. Nicole taking the picture on the right all hard at work!

Past President, Eddie Rousse Raking. Joe Shadroui with the bucket.I hope Joe didn't kick the bucket.


Ted & Joe repairing damaged curbing.


Ed laying down the cardboard.

You can always tell the good workers! There the ones leaning on their shovels? Tom, Ed and Joe just finished up.

Looks good, don't you think?

All done with new flowers.