Posted by Caroline Earle on Apr 21, 2020
In April of 2020 three members of the Barre Rotary Club, President Ed Rousse, Ted Goulette and Karl A. Rinker cleaned the Summer Street mural and the sidewalk as well as installed additional screws and sanded the initials that someone carved into it. It still looks pretty good!
Summer Street Mural Maintenance
As a part of the Summer Street Mural project, The Barre Rotary Club committed to maintaining the mural going forward.  True to its word, Barre Rotarian and club president,  Ed Rousse with Karl A. Rinker scrubbed off the winter residue from the mural on a recent cloudy day.  While the mural has largely been spared any vandalism, it was noted during maintenance that some initials had been scratched into one of the panels, likely by a key.  Rotarian Ted Goulette lightly sanded the initials down.  Soon, Paletteer John Landy will use leftover mural paint to repair the panel and Ted Goulette will then seal the new paint with an application of anti-graffiti coating.  
Barre Rotary is committed to maintaining this significant Rotary project so that our entire community and visitors to the area can continue to enjoy its beauty and historical content.  Thank you Ed, Karl, Ted, and John Landy!
Karl scrubbing and Ed doing a light pressure wash.
Ted sanding the initials the best he can. Unfortunately he could not get them completely out without removing the paint off the mural. He will come back later and reseal the area.
The picture below shows the initials that are left. Maybe you know who it is?
Past President Caroline Earle & Joe Shadroui clean the wall again on 10-3-2020 just before the Paletteers give it a final touch up before winter.
Final touch up by The VT Paletteers before winter.