We sang with gusto, and some additional vocal “accompaniment”.  Roy’s grace was especially heartfelt, as he prayed for those helping others recover from the recent flooding, and asked for opportunities for us to “help ourselves.”  I started giggling, then realized he didn’t mean “help ourselves”, but meant “help, also.”  No giggling allowed.


We are still looking for a Seargent-At-Arms, and most of us were grateful that Billy & Karl stepped forward to work the check-in table today, however, Claire tried to propose a fine on them, because the official Rotary clock was a bit off – it read 3:32 PM.  The fine died for a lack of a second.


Roy then proposed a fine on Claire, saying as outgoing president, she should have made sure the official clock had a fresh battery when she turned over the trappings of power to President Karen.  There were several seconds and no defense, so the fine passed.


Bertil gave a couple Happy Dollars:

  • 1 for recent medical “probings”, which nobody wanted to hear about, and
  • 1 for an upcoming month trip to Europe, where he will be sailing for 2 weeks around Greece.


Karl proposed a fine on Bertil & Billy for talking all during Roy’s prayer at the beginning of the meeting.  Bertil claimed he wasn’t talking, and Billy just said, “Yeah.”.  The fine passed.


Roy gave a Happy Dollar and offered a confession.  His sister from Tennessee was visiting last week, and at her prompting, they went sailing on Lake Champlain last Wednesday instead of coming to Rotary.


P. Karen gave a couple Happy Dollars for some “advertising” and announced the following upcoming events at the library:

  • Today at 1:30 PM – a well-known Polish sculptor (I didn’t get his name) is giving a talk about his career before moving back to Poland.
  • Next Wednesday, September 14th – Authors at the Aldrich presents Katherine & John Paterson talking about their new book, The Flint Heart.  The book is illustrated by one of the creative minds behind the Shrek movies.


President Karen said there are copies of the recently adopted administrative budget available for people to pick up, and it will be posted on ClubRunner.  She said the Club will meet on Thursday, October 13th from 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM at Community National Bank to discuss this year’s charities budget.


Our secretary, Sue, is still traveling, so P. Karen introduced our guests:

  • Marilyn Bedell, District Governor
  • Ron Bedell, Past District Governor and husband of Marilyn
  • Marcia Hoffman, Assistant District Governor.

As it’s the beginning of the month, Roy said he would handle the monthly birthdays by asking anyone with a birthday to self-identify.  Joe was the only one, so we all sang to Joe.


Prez Karen introduced DG Marilyn Bedell, who started with a moment of silence in recognition of the two people who lost their lives in the flooding in the Mendon area, who have connections to Rotarians.


Marilyn’s presentation featured the following highlights:

  • Presented President Karen with this year’s theme banner – “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity”.
  • The district is asking clubs to consider a $200 contribution to the Wallingford Schoolhouse, which is an important Rotary historic site, as it was the school Paul Harris attended as a child.
  • Passed out reminder magnets for the May 18-20, 2012 district conference at the Mountain Club on Loon in New Hampshire.  They are hoping to feature local youth as part of the entertainment.
  • Highlighted upcoming Rotary Leadership Institute dates:
    • November 5th in Rutland,
    • March 31st in Lebanon.
  • Spoke of her earliest Rotary memories, when she attended Rotary events with her father, including the sound of the Rotary bell.
  • Marilyn said she is honored to be representing Rotary International President Kalyan Banerjee.  President Kalyan speaks of the importance of families; that good families make good neighborhoods, which make good communities, which make great nations.  He is calling for Rotarians to strengthen family spirit here and across the globe.
  • She said it is time to change the things that aren’t working for Rotary.  It’s time to take risks, try new things, and be willing to fail.  Out of such efforts will come great success.
  • We all need to invite others to join the Rotary “party”.  Rotary needs to be re-born, and we need to make room in our clubs for newer, younger members who are looking to find a way to connect with the community.
  • Marilyn advocated for all Rotarians making financial contributions to the Foundation, saying as little as 60¢ provides one dose of polio vaccine.


Editorial comment – I’ve heard a lot of District Governors speak over the years, and Marilyn’s talk was one of the best!


Roy said he and Elizabeth are interested in donating their accumulated jars of change for flood relief.  He asked if the local banks might be able to help with collecting and counting such donations of change.  The bankers in the room (and there were several) all seemed to think that was a good idea.


Mario had the winning raffle ticket.  I don’t know how he did with the marbles.