Secretary Susan rang the bell, I think, to start the meeting.  No one seemed to be in charge.  We sang the opening songs, with a hearty but patriotic tempo, and I'm confident a grace was prayed.

President Karen appeared just in time, like a teacher late to her classroom, but just in time to see the most mischief of her charges making.......mischief.

The class, oops.....I mean Rotarians were in a fining mood.  Bob fined Claire for providing tongs for green up day that were not in tip top tong condition. 

Bob repeatedly wanted to Claire-i-fy points of other fines as they were proposed.  Mario asked about Claire's thongs,

Joe reported on Rotary park, and plans are ongoing for an upgrade, including lighting, water supply, new playground equipment, fixing up the baseball field, and it was agreed that bathrooms would be a constant vandal attraction and problem so we will need to figure out where best to spend the $8902 we have for the project. Exact amount is subject to Clairefication.

Roy fined all the mothers in the room, one and nine for the upcoming Mother's Day when he was sure they would be pampered,  Joe defended against the fine, saying that the fine was "Just wrong"  Our president, a mother, said the fine passed.  Roy was noted to vote against the fine.  Who offered a second on this motion?

AG Marsha Hoffman made some announcements about next week's district conference and talked about the So African GSE team coming at the end on May.  She met with Karen, Jim, and Roy following the meeting to complete an anal, no, that's annual report for the District.

Ron Parnigoni returned from Florida, and he was welcomed home, but it was note, in a fine by Roy, that his car has a Florida plate on the back and a Vermont plate on the front. It is obvious Ron doesn't know if he is coming or going.

Jim reported that The Ladder Grill will participate and donate 10% of what Rotarians spend at Rotary After Dark meetings there and The Quarry will donate 5%.
He plans to have the first Rotary After Dark meeting within two weeks, on a Tuesday or Thursday, times and places to be announced.  This meeting will be for fellowship and Rotarians are encouraged to invite Spouse, significant others, friends, co-workers, and prospective members.  It will count towards attendance.

It is Jim's hope that Rotarians who find it difficult to make the luncheon meeting, will be able to join us for a beverage, and/or dinner if one wishes.  Look for an email soon for details, and mark it on your calendar.  We are thinking of going to a different restaurant once a month.

Kevin reports that he is checking into the fall fundraiser," Over the Edge", where wild and crazy people will have a ball rappeling down a building. North Barre Manor?  More on this soon. 

Roy asked everyone to have fun selling the helicopter and golf ball tickets.  He'd also like Rotarians to give him sold tickets and proceeds weekly so he can record the names on a spread sheet as we progress.  Mario and Karl are on their second set of 25 tickets.  The most sold will get the winner a helicopter ride.
He will need a small team to help at 6:00 pm on June 30th.  More on this as we progress weekly.

The gavel was passed twice in order to fine President Karen.  Bill said they were automatics.  One was for calling Ron, Mr, Parnigoni.

More fines ensued and a good time was had by all.

Tom Babic won the raffle.