We had two meetings this week.

Rotary After Dark was a success, with 18 people gathered at The Ladder Grille Tuesday evening.  Fellowship, glasses of wine, steins of beer, and a great dinner were enjoyed by all.  Jim Catone can be pelased with the first of these meetings.  10% of the evenings proceeeds will be donated back to Rotary.

Jim is looking for feedback so he can plan the next Rotary After Dark, which counts towards attendance.

On Wednesday, President Karen swung the gavel, rang the bell and started the meeting.

Roy offered one dollar to cover several happy thoughts.  The first was for Rotary After Dark, the second was in celebration of his birthday (June 6), and the third elluded him, but that is because he is getting old.

Secretary Susan immediately fined Roy for not being on the birthday list she was about to read for June.  She charged Roay with the fine on the basis that he is the Webmaster and, even so, his birthday is apparently listed on his profile.  The fine passed.

President-Elect,Jim Catone gave a happy dollar for (you may ahve guessed already) Rotary After Dark)

Bill Noyes gave a happy dollar, I think he did, because Karl volunteered to be the bank at the Rotary After Dark event for before mentioned evening.  Its a long story and I won't bore you with it.

George gave a happy dollar for, I do believe, Rotary After Dark and for the work Bill Rossi did with the GSE team last week and for the tour Roy gave them at Rock of Ages.

Someone, and I forget who, fined all the Rotarains in the room who did not attend, yes, Rotary After Dark.  President Karen, having not attended Rotary After Dark, declared or judged that the fine did not pass.  Hhmmmm!

Joe Preddy introduced Jim Breer with "Builing Specialities"/  Jim specializes in Radon dedection and installs systems to alleviate the problem.  Kits can be obtained from the State of Vermont for free, but then the results are public.

Radon is an invisible gas that can be found throughout Vermont.  It is considered a cause for cancer.  Some banks require a Radon test when a house is being sold.  There was a wordy discussion about granite and Radon.  Jim said that all stone can be the source of radon, not just granite.

Karl fined Bob Pope for the advertising his business benefited from with today's program.  Bob did not agree that it was advertising at all.  The fine did not pass.

Helicopter and Golf Ball tickets and funds were turned in and everyone need to turn in sold tiockets and funds by June 18th.  Call Roy to arrange for a drop off or pick up.  802-371-8642

The birthday boy won the raffle but did not draw the white marble.