President Bill opened the meeting with 13 members present.

Tom Babic arrived several minutes late, wearing a “festive” hat appropriate to the season.   Either the hat had some battery powered mechanics inside or Tom had a squirrel on his head, as the hat gyrated, bounced, wiggled and performed numerous gymnastic moves, all the while playing holiday tunes.  Tom quickly proposed a fine of 1+9 on all members not adorned in holiday attire of some sort.   No one seconded the fine, however since Tom proposed the fine as Tess Taylor (the name on the badge he wore) Tom seconded “Tess’s” motion.    With some discussion about Tom wearing his holiday finest too early, an amendment to add Tom to the fine was proposed.   Pleading the five minute rule (thanks Karl) Tom attempted to slip out of the fine.   However, President Bill noted that since “Tess” proposed the fine, not Tom, the 5-minute rule didn’t apply.   The amendment passed, as did the main motion, and all paid $1, except for Tom who paid $2 as he was included in the main motion since he was no longer wearing his holiday attire at the time the fine passed.

Sue paid the automatic 1+9 for having her (blurry) picture in the Times-Argus, and she also added that George needed to pay up was well since he was pictured in the Best of Central Vermont Magazine dancing with his wife Linda.

Sue's secretary's report included birthdays for December:  Shane Mispel and Chip Castle, and Rotary anniversaries: Karen Lane 19 years, and Bill Noyes 2 years (plus 12 years from 1985-97)

President Bill reported that based on last week’s vote by the club, $257 is being forwarded for the Hands to Honduras program that Bertil has been involved with for many years.  This represents 10% of the club’s remaining charities budget, as proposed last week.

President Bill presented the new member packet, badge and Rotary pin to Charlie Dindo.   He also reported on the Christmas program next week.   Start time will be 12:00 at the Hilltop.  Jim Catone indicated that 40+ people are expected, based on sign-ups to this point.   Cost is $16 per person and Jim said we will meet downstairs at the Hilltop.   The Rotabarrians will perform once again, which led to a fine of 1+9 on Dick Shadroui, who indicated that “two (2) outstanding male singers will perform the Christmas program next week”.    Tom/Tess proposed the fine, saying that there are 4 male singes performing and he wondered who the two outstanding ones are.   Dick, claiming he’s old and forgetful, was hard-pressed to believe he actually said only two men are singing.   This led to a later fine on Dick as it was pointed out there are five Rotabarrians signing in all (including one female)…not just the aforementioned 2 (or 4) men.   Dick indicated he had a walletful of dollar bills to get through the meeting but he managed to escape further penalties.

Karl also proposed a fine of 1+9 on George for wearing the same shirt two weeks in a row.   George said he’s trying to dress more casually, and the fine did not pass.

Today was club assembly and a lively discussion about the future of the Barre club dominated the rest of the meeting.   Several thoughtful proposals were discussed, including formation of a “satellite club” consisting of younger members, who could meet via the internet.   Rotary International now allows for “e-clubs” that meet via the web.   George noted that it’s difficult to interest young business leaders in Rotary due to the age of many of our current members, and the fact that, as some have stated, they have nothing in common with many of us.   A new on-line satellite club may interest younger people who want to give back to their community.  Others questioned the cost of belonging to Rotary, including annual dues, cost of meals, etc.   President Bill suggested the board try to meet with Assistant Governor Marsha Hoffman (or others from the district) at the next board meeting, to discuss a satellite club and other issues related to our dwindling attendance and membership.

Joel, our host at The Quarry, was presented with a collection taken up over the past two weeks to share with those at the restaurant who have contributed to our weekly meals the The Quarry.   President Bill thanked the staff for their assistance.

Our next meeting at The Quarry will be January 8, 2014.

Anyone who hasn’t RSVPd to Jim for next week’s Christmas lunch please do so by Friday.

Ted held the lucky raffle ticket, and I believe he donated it back to the club.

See you all next week at The Hilltop at 12:00.