Posted by Karl A. Rinker
On October 22, 2922 club members washed the entire Summer Street mural, yes, all the way to the top of the derrick.
The club does this each year and then The Paletteers come in and touch up any blemishes. Thank you so much for all their hard work over the years.
Pictured above are Arthur Zorn and Bob Pope.
Four Paletteers spent a collective 11 hours working on the mural October 20, 2022.  They worked primarily along the bottom panels which were within reach.  Concentration was on the white and blue sections which had discolored. They also touched up the bottom portion of the Fiddlehead which had become clouded which brought some back some vibrancy.
The cemetary.
The pond.
John Landy.
Pam Murphy.
Linda Kiniry.