Posted by Caroline Earle & Karl A. Rinker
The Barre Rotary Club held it's 2020 speech contest at The Lunch Box Cafeteria at Spaulding High School February 12, 2020. The Lunch Box is a room where SHS students serve food they have prepared at the training center. The Spaulding Interact Club was also present.
Pictured above are the three speech contestants, Charlotte Young, Camden Kelly and Jacob Huckins with Club President, Eddie Rousse.
Pictured above are the Rotarians that attended the meeting for the contest and the Interact Club.
Club member and DGN, Caroline Earle introduced each of the three contestants. Camden Kelly, Charlotte Young and Jacob Huckins
The contest consists of four rounds with the potential of winning $1000. This year’s topic was: “How Rotary Connects My World".  Contestants prepare and deliver a five minute speech which relates to the relevance of this topic and to everyday relationships. Although contest rules prohibit the publication of the speech or a summary of it until the conclusion of the contest in May all three contestants did a great job.
Runner-up, Charlotte Young  with Eddie and Caroline.
Winner, Camden Kelly with Eddie and Caroline.

SHS students Camden Kelley, Charlotte Young, and Jacob Huckins each put their unique spin on this topic, presenting personal and heartfelt speeches to our group.  Interact Adviser and SHS teacher Samantha Loesch proudly introduced her Interact students and the students gave us a summary of their recent projects.  These projects include weekly assistance to local churches providing meals to those in need, and supporting a mental health initiative entitled “I Matter, You Matter.”  The SHS Interact Club, which was recently re-energized through the efforts of Ms. Loesch, is now sixteen strong and provides an opportunity for SHS students to connect with our community through good works.  As one student also put it in her speech, “the best way to boost your self-esteem is by doing something nice for someone else.”  No truer words were spoken.  The Barre Rotary Club looks forward to working with the SHS Interact Club to do good works so that everyone can feel good!


Congratulations to Camden, Charlotte and Jacob for doing the hard work to prepare their excellent speeches! Camden will move on to Round II in the Area speech contest as the winner of the Barre Rotary Club speech contest, where she will collect a $100 prize for her success in the Round 1 contest.  Charlotte received honorable mention as Runner-Up.