There was lively conversation as people scarfed up ravioli and meatballs.  Eventually, we settled down for some announcements:

  • President Karen reminded us that the charitable budget meeting is Thursday, October 13th at 5:30 PM at Community National Bank.
  • Judy said flu shots will be offered as part of our Halloween celebrations at the October 26th meeting.  Say “BOO” to flu!”  (her phrase, not mine!)
  • Carol gave an update on this year’s 30th annual Joint Service Clubs Community Service Recognition Dinner, October 12th at the Canadian Club.  This year’s honorees are:
    • Anna Duprey,
    • Tom Koch,
    • John Quinlan,
    • Mark Yorra.
  • Claire said she has a lot of information about how people can make donations in support of flood victims.  Jack said VPR collected over $500,000 yesterday.
  • Michael offered a Happy Dollar – he convinced the twins to run all the way to the school bus – and he ran with them.
  • Karen reminded us all of the John & Katherine Paterson book signing at the library this evening.
  • Sue gave the secretary’s report with the introduction of guests:
    • Nancy Lodian, CCO at Central Vermont Medical Center,
    • Janas Hansen, with CVMC (I’m sure I spelled his name incorrectly).


Joe introduced our speaker – Judy Tartaglia, CEO of CVMC.  Judy was joined by Nancy and Janas in giving her presentation about the medical center.  The highlights of the presentation include:

  • CVMC will be joining with Fletcher Allen as of October 1st.  The new organization will be called “Fletcher Allen Partners”, though each medical center will operate independently.  The merger will have political, economic and quality of care benefits.
  • They have a new website, which offers opportunities for on-line pre-registration, and electronic well wisher cards.  Just click on the link and they will print out and deliver your card!.  Eventually, you will be able to access your medical records through the website.
  • They recently opened an aquatic wellness center on Granger Road.  It is a primary physical therapy site, and has been very busy since opening.  You need a doctor’s order to use the pool, however, those who have previously been “prescribed” to swim there can return during their fitness class and swim for $5 per hour.
  • They completed renovations to the emergency department.  There is now greater separation based on acuity, and more privacy.
  • In the past, violence towards health care providers has been a problem, with approximately 30 incidents/month.  They have added 24/7 security, educated the staff and advocated for recently passed legislation that provides for stiffer penalties for those who attack health care workers.  Last month they had only 3 incidents.
  • A new MRI machine has been added that is roomier and more comfortable.  It was shipped all the way from Wisconsin.
  • The hospital experienced flood damage in late May from waters coming up through the floors, and the Waterbury health center was completely flooded during Tropical Storm Irene.  Records were destroyed at the Waterbury location, but they hope to be back in the building by mid-January.  One of the doctors at the hospital – Dr. Brown – is doing public service announcements and other public outreach about flooding and safety.  Other medical center staff are volunteering in Northfield and Waterbury, and CTO time is being granted to staff so they can volunteer.


Dick won today’s raffle.


Visit other local Rotary Clubs – it’s fun and counts as a make up!