Acting Susan presided. over the meeting and club assembly.

Roy reported that only Jim and Bill attended the fundraising brainstorming session in August.

  • At this point, we have two major events
  • 1, the breaksfast
  • 2, the Joint Service Recognition Dinner

Ideas were thrown out including:

  • A time bank, doing hands on service to people in need of assistance
  • Sweat equity, helping out non-profits with their projects or events
  • A funky festival: cooking, costumes, themes, maple, zany zuchinni, rib fest, sugar on snow
  • partnering with other clubs
  • merging with CV club
  • More Rotary after Dark meetings or a cocktail hour
  • Dues subsidies for new members

No decisions were made and no plans were discussed to move the ideas forward.

Carol was the ticket winner.

Meeting adjourned