Present Elect Bill N. opened the meeting.  We started with the usual song & dance (well, no dancing). 
After about 15 minutes of munching (ham, pasta, salad, rolls), Bertil gave a Happy Dollar – he’s just back from 3 weeks in Europe; 2 in Italy and 1 in Sweden.  He visited enough churches to last him quite a while.  He said he’s puzzled by the European economy, saying in Sweden there is a 25% value added tax added to everything, in addition to income taxes.  He said their standard of living is high and the country runs a surplus, and he wondered how they can do it.  [N.B.  Ever wonder what their military spending is as a percentage of their GNP – compared to the US?  US:  4.7%, Sweden:  1.2%] 
Karen announced a short-term community service project for this Saturday, October 6 th .  Volunteers are asked to gather at the Labor Hall at 7:30 AM to help stencil the new chairs and tables.  Coffee & donuts will be provided.  Don’t forget to wear your “Rotarian at Work” T-shirt! 
Carol announced the 31 st annual Joint Service Club Community Service Recognition Dinner, Wednesday, October 10 th starting at 6:00 PM at the Canadian Club.  This year’s honorees are John Gardner (fellow Barre Rotarian!), John & Cindy Hooker, Paul Plante and a posthumous honor for Dr. Reynolds.  Tickets are $20 each, and you can get them from Carol or the library.  Or call the library to make reservations. 
PE Bill N asked board members to stay for a short meeting after our regular meeting is over. 
Dick asked for a short gathering of the Rotabarrians after our meeting is over. 
Secretary Sue started to give her report, saying she thought she saw a guest.  Michael gave a Happy Dollar because a woman came in and he sold her a raffle ticket before he found out she was looking for her class reunion lunch.  Sue gave a Happy Dollar because we’re not the woman’s class.  (not sure what that means…) 
Sue introduced Phil Gentile, who has submitted his application to join the club.  This is the first official posting of Phil’s name for membership. 
Sue also introduced Sandy Rousse, whose membership is imminent.  Sandy gave a Happy Dollar because she has just accepted the position of president & CEO for Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice.  Congrats, Sandy, and welcome! 
Sue said there are no October birthdays, but there are Club anniversaries: 

   • Lucille Aja – 4 years 
   • Chip Castle – 4 years 
   • Adam Martin – 4 years 
   • Kevin O’Hara – 4 years 
   • Chet Briggs – 2 years 
   • Jack Barnes – 20 years 
   • Billy Rossi – 32 years 

Dick led us in the usual song, though we were confused because of the lack of birthdays, and had to change the lyrics half way through. 
Bob asked PE Bill N to pass the gavel to Sue, then proposed a fine on Bill as our membership chair, saying it’s his fault we have no members with October birthdays, which interrupts our “flow” – both for singing and collecting money.  The fine passed. 
PE Bill N introduced our speaker – Susan Kruthers, VP of community relations for Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC).  A member of the Montpelier Rotary Club, Sue said we beat them hands down for singing (but we knew that.)  Sue introduced her techie, Johannes Hansen, who ran the PowerPoint presentation.  Sue gave a report on what’s new at CVMC, including new physicians and recent awards – most notably Consumer Reports’ ranking #1 in New England for hospital safety, #4 th nationally. 
Sue talked about CVMC’s affiliation with Fletcher Allen Healthcare, including: 

   • Goal to convert to a single system for electronic medical records storage and access 
   • Looking to reduce costs for supplies tough joint contracting 
   • Implemented ICU tele-medical program to enhance communications between CVMC hospitalists and FAHC intensivists. 

(In the middle of Sue’s presentation, PE Bill N took a cell phone call – he paid the buck at the end of the meeting.) 
Other developments at CVMC include: 

   • Comprehensive palliative care program and team 
   • Heat exchanger recovers waste heat from chillers and uses it to heat water, with annual savings of $189,000 
   • Reworked menues and food choices 

Looking ahead: 

   • The Green Mountain clinic in Northfield is moving into a new facility on the Norwich campus 
   • CVMC is looking to build a multi-specialty building on its campus to bring together outlying providers 
   • Developing a pain management service. 

The Club thanked Sue for her presentation, especially Carol, because Sue pulled her raffle ticket (but no luck with the marbles). 
Visit other local Rotary Clubs – it’s fun and counts as a make up! 
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Capitol Plaza 
Central Vermont 
6:15 PM 
The Steak House 
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Waterbury Senior Center 
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The Sugarbush Inn 
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Grant’s Camp 
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