Present Elect Bill N. opened the meeting.  We sang, pledged & prayed.  People settled in to big plates of lasagna, salad, rolls & brownies.

After several minutes of eating, PE Bill gave a hearty ring of the bell (perhaps a bit too hearty) and offered a Happy Dollar for a recent trip to Washington DC, where the family visited the Korean War memorial.  The memorial was sculpted by Barre artist Frank Gaylord, using locals as models – including Bill’s father, Alan.  When they told the park official, he let the family cross the barrier and take photos standing next to the statue.

Tom proposed a fine of 1+1 ½ on PE Bill for disturbing the peace (not sure if it’s a reference to crossing the barrier or strident ringing of the bell.)  Bill said he has no more money, having given his last buck as a Happy Dollar.  Claire offered to lend Bill money at a reasonableinterest rate.  Knowing it was actually Claire’s money in play, Tom proposed amending the fine to 1+4.  The amendment & fine passed and Claire paid.

Karen thanked those who helped out at the Labor Hall last weekend, stenciling the new tables & chairs.  There was a good turnout of Rotarians from near & far.

Carol said tickets are still available for tonight’s Joint Service Clubs Community Service Recognition Dinner, which starts at 6:00 PM at the Canadian Club.  Tickets are $20 per person and can be purchased at the door.  Honorees include John & Cindy Hooker, Paul Plante, Dr. E. V. Reynolds and our own fellow Barre Rotarian, John Gardner.

Joe said Eagle Scout candidate Nicholas Hebert has completed building the new picnic tables for the Rotary Park picnic shelter.  The club paid for bolts.  The old tables will be used at a Boy Scouts camp.

Dick said the Rotabarrians (our award-winning choral group) will hold their first rehearsal for the holiday season next Thursday, October 18th at 4:30 PM at Dick’s house on Ayers Street.  All are welcome to join – no talent necessary – just ask any of the regular Rotabarrians!

Sue proposed a fine of 1+4 on Bob for not being his usual “off-the-cuff”, happy-go-lucky self.  She said he is non-boisterous today.  Bob offered no defense, but said retaliation is a beautiful thing.  The fine passed.

Tom proposed a fine of 1+4 on Sue for fomenting descent in a normally cordial club.  PE Bill tried to invoke the 5 minute rule, but Bob said Robert’s Rules rule.  Joe made the motion to suspend the rules, and Bill approved it automatically.  Tom then amended his original fine to 1+9.  The amendment & fine passed.

Bob said there’s an automatic fine on Sue for talking business during lunch.  He overheard her referencing a new financial institution being built right across the street from her financial institution (not a bank!).  Sue paid up, but was defended by Dick, who said the conversation was about aesthetics, architecture and ethics, not money.

Sue gave the secretary report, saying this is the official 2nd notice of proposed member Phil Gentile.  We look forward to officially welcoming him as a new member!

Tess introduced our speaker, Lucas Herring, a member of the Barre City Council and chair of the Barre City Elementary & Middle School board.  Tess said Lucas will speak about Front Porch Forum – an internet-based community bulletin board.  She first became aware of FPF when it began in Burlington.  It has grown all across Vermont and was recently started up in Barre City.

Lucas said FPF is a great way to get announcements out to your neighbors, like an old-fashioned bulletin board.  The start-up funds were provided by the City of Barre, and anybody with a City address (home, business, organization) can enroll for free.  Lucas said 74% of Vermont is part of FPF, and the hope is to expand into Barre Town in the near future.  Postings are monitored and reviewed for content and formatting, and those who are enrolled get frequent emails with headlines.  If one of the headlines interests you, you can scroll down through the email for more details.

If you have a Barre City address, you can enroll by clicking on this link:

Once on the site, click on SIGN UP and you’re good to go!

The Club thanked Lucas for his presentation and had him draw the winning raffle ticket.  Claire held the winner, but only because Billy R. gave it to her.

Visit other local Rotary Clubs – it’s fun and counts as a make up!








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Capitol Plaza

Central Vermont


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The Steak House



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Waterbury Senior Center



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The Sugarbush Inn



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Grant’s Camp



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