President Bill opened the meeting with 13 members and one guest present.  

With club assembly scheduled for this week there was no program.   Secretary Sue introduced our guest, former Barre Rotarian Michael Knight, who offered a happy dollar for being back with the Barre Rotary.

Bob Pope rose to offer a fine of 1+9 on Chet for taking up two seats at the table.   He left his jacket on one chair next to Bob, while sitting at another seat, thus preventing Elizabeth from joining Bob and others at the table.   Rather than offering a defense, Chet pled guilty and paid the fine.   (Elizabeth did not express any regret about not being able to sit near Bob, it should be noted).

Bob then asked President Bill to pass the gavel, which Past President Jim gladly accepted.  Bob proposed a fine of 1+9 on Bill, having something to do with negativity, inability to lead, not going south for the winter and possibly one or two other scornful (and totally bogus) allegations.   It became clear that PP Jim’s hearing has been affected since he turned over the gavel, as he obviously misinterpreted the yeas and nays and ruled that the fine passed.

Jack Barnes offered a happy dollar for attending his grand-daughter’s soccer game at Wellsley College this past weekend.   Jack offered the happy $ in an effort to, as he put it, “change the negative attitude” of the current administration, which prompted Karl to offer a fine of 1+9 on Jack for fostering a negative attitude.   That fine passed.

Dick Shadroui noted how well the group has been signing America the Beautiful at the start of the meeting for the second week in a row (and again called it The National Anthem!) while trying to recruit new members for the Rotabarrians, who will be holding a rehearsal at Dick’s house Thursday at 4:30.   Anyone interested in “singing” with the group should drop in.   Sue had Dick clarify that one doesn’t have to actually sing all that well to participate!

President Bill reminded the membership that there will be no meeting on Nov. 27th, the day before Thanksgiving.

Jim reported on the Shelter Box program and said he has been in contact with Anne Silloway regarding the club’s purchase of a box.   He indicated Anne will let him know where our shelter box will be shipped, with the assumption being that it may be the Philippines, to aid in recovery from the recent disaster there which has left countless dead and homeless.   He also said he’s trying to insure the club’s shelter box is sent in memory of Obie Wells.

Bertil inquired about the Give-a-Gallon program which is being directed once again this year by Chip Castle.   Bertil asked President Bill to get details from Chip on how the donation buckets are being circulated and what the club can do to assist Chip.  

Sue then offered a fine of 1+9 on Bob Pope for getting his lunch while Joe Preddy was offering his blessing.   This led to bible quotes, being thankful we didn’t have to listen to Sue speak for 10 minutes, an inclusion of Joe Preddy in the fine (which prompted Joe to offer his $ if Tom agreed to take over the weekly blessing, which prompted Tom, alias Dick Huskes, to withdraw his amendment.    Bob then added Tom/Dick (and Harry?) to the fine for his weekly ID badge misappropriation, and all the fines on the floor passed.

Sue pulled the winning ticket, which belonged to Karl, who had no luck in finding the white marble.

There will be a board of directors meeting next Wednesday at 11:00 prior to our regular meeting.   The program will be Hal Cohen of the Central VT Community Action Council.   Following lunch, we’ll walk over to tour the CVCAC’s new building at Gable Place on Granite Street.