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Notes from January 23, 2013 meeting at The Hilltop

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Club Assembly

President Jim

Due to what looked like a funeral reception, we met downstairs today, and it was pretty chilly down there!  The bell was rung, we sang (at a brisk pace to keep warm), and Roy offered grace.  It was a buffet of hot food, for which we were extremely grateful.


Roy gave a Rotary Foundation report, and said the goal is for every Rotarian to make a contribution this year, regardless of amount.  To date, 14 Rotarians have contributed $2,350.  Please get your contribution to Roy – you can make checks payable to the Rotary Foundation.


Roy said he has ordered the tickets for this year’s helicopter golf ball drop – we partner with Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice on this fundraising event – and he asked that we consider inviting the Central Vermont Rotary Club to join us.  They would help with ticket sales and receive a portion of the revenues net of expenses based on the percentage of tickets they sell.  Club members thought that was a great idea.  Roy said his goal is to sell 5,000 tickets.


Roy (who was monopolizing the floor) proposed a fine of 1+9 on Karl, who was overheard as saying he “will do everything” earlier in the meeting.  Roy applauded his chutzpah, but questioned the reality of it.  The fine didn’t pass with only Secretary Sue voting in favor.


Speaking of Sue, she gave the secretary report, inviting Dick to introduce the guest at his table – Marsha Hoffman, a member of the Northfield Club and Assistant District Governor.  Marsha said President Jim & Roy are attending this weekend’s Rotary visioning “thing”.  RI and the Foundation are coming up with new ways to manage programs, and the changes will be discussed at the “thing”.  She also talked about the Leadership Institute coming up on April 13th at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, and recommended attendance to any Rotarian.


Karen again announced the library’s upcoming Chinese New Year Dinner & Auction, scheduled for February 9th at the Knights of Columbus hall.  Tickets are available at the library or from Karen.


Prez Jim said next week is club assembly and encouraged members to attend, as there are important things to discuss.


Karl introduced our speaker – Christina Goodwin, executive director of Home Share NOW.  Christina started by thanking the Club for its past support and gave a history of the organization, which was started in 2003.  It originally served Washington County only, focusing on making housing matches for the elderly, disabled and financially insecure.  They functioned under the Council on Aging.  In 2010 they left the COA, spread out to include Orange & Lamoille counties, and expanded staff.


She shared some basic information about the organization:

  • Advantages to listing a room on Craig’s list or in the paper include being a neutral 3rd party, facilitating disagreements, working through a proven process of interviews and background checks.
  • Check out the Portrait Project, a touring group of portraits of program participants.  Find it on tour or visit their website at
  • 86% of homeshares are low income, 24% are on medicare, 24% self-identify as disabled, 60% are over 65
  • 75% of all funding is raised, with 25% coming from the state.  They are partnering with Home Share VT and the state to find ways to serve the entire state.  Currently on 50% of the state is being served.
  • Last year they served 82 people with matches, and 562 people with general housing counciling.
  • There is a mediator on staff to help with matches that aren’t working.
  • There is an enrolment fee of $50, which covers interviews, background checks, and a 2 week trial match.  If the match becomes permanent, there is a fee for executing the contract.  The fee is on a sliding scale from $100 - $500.
  • According to the SU Census Bureau, homeshares have increased 12% over the past 4 years.
  • They have 3.1 staff.
  • They do work with people who already have a share in place, helping them craft long-term agreements.
  • They get referrals from social service agencies, but they also hang posters, run radio ads, are on YouTube, FaceBook and Craig’s List.


The Club thanked Christina for a great presentation.  She then drew the winning raffle ticket, held by our esteemed president, who had no luck with the marbles.




Visit other local Rotary Clubs – it’s fun and counts as a make up!








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