The GSE team at a recent meeting in Middlebury.

Your Chips editor missed the first half of the meeting, so I'll only provide half a Chip, sort of.

Let's assume that President Karen opened the meeting as usual.  And we can be sure that her hospitality was gracious, and her introductions were wonderful.

There was a guest from Northfield who was looking for a member named Ron who had borrowed Ed Corrigan's clubs and Claire attempted to fine Ron Parnigoni.  However, Ron was oblivious and not the right guy to be harassing.   It was Roy who had the clubs and they were returned to Ed's garage later in the afternoon.

Louisa Tripp, also with the Northfield Club, but she lives on Barre, and works in Montpelier, was the coordinator for the South African GSE team.  Anne Botha, Richard, David, and Lorraine, young professionals from South Africa.talked about their careers and tera visit to Vermont.  They also shared a 10 minute video about the culture of South Africa, including its landscape, politics, economy, cuisine, and resources.  Richard is a geologist, David a Vice Principal, and I lost track of Anne and Lorraine.

Anne is amazed with Vermont's mountains, trees, and streams which is a dramatic contrast to her homeland.  Lorraine noicted the freedoms we have and how they are expressed.  She mentioned a lack of fences and walls between neighbors and our interaction with all people in the community.  Richard noticed the friendliness of everyone, even people who they meet on the street and don;t know they are a South African group on a visit.

Earlier in the day, Roy guided them on a tour of Rock of Ages along with George and Louisa.  They were all looking forward to a party at Billy Rossi's home on Joe's Pond.

Jim Catone announced that the first Rotary After Dark meeting will be held at the Ladder Grille on June 5, Tuesday.  Let Jim know of you can attend, by Friday.

Yabba Dabba, and that will have to do.  Have a great Rotary week.