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The Newsletter of the Barre Rotary Club

Give, Live, Laugh

Notes from May 22, 2013 meeting at The Quarry

We started with the usual bell, song and pledge and grace, and people helped themselves to chili & sandwiches.

Roy gave two Happy Dollars:

  1. He & Ted ( and I’m assuming their wives) are leaving Friday for the Rotary District Conference cruise to Bermuda.
  2. Glad to have Carol singing in his left ear during the song.

Roy also tried to fine Sue for micromanaging the guys planting flowers in front of the credit union building.  While I have no memory of the defense, it so moved Roy that he withdrew the fine.

Carol gave three Happy Dollars:

  1. Yesterday was her birthday and she was serenaded at last night’s City Council meeting.  Singers included Dick Shadroui.
  2. Happy to be here after more than three months absence, though her schedule for June & early July will keep her away again.
  3. Glad to have sung into Roy’s left ear during the song.

Ron said Don Collins will be celebrating his 90th birthday with an open house at Woodridge.  I didn’t catch the date or time.

Ron passed around the sign-up sheets for the Rotary Breakfast, Saturday, July 27th.  We need more than 50 people to pull off this wonderful event that benefits the library, so everybody is encouraged to sign up.  You can contact Ron to get your name on the list.  Friends & family are welcome, too!

Tom proposed a fine on Sue of 1+9 for not sitting at the head table.  While he was proposing the fine, Sue was passing around cookies, so he amended it to 1+4.  Sue offered a musical chairs defense, but this time was unsuccessful and had to pay.  Because Tom was sitting at the head table instead of Sue, President Jim asked for a treasurer’s report.  After a moment of silence during which a thoroughly unprepared Tom stared blankly around the room, Jim let him off the hook and said no report was necessary.

Sue said there was a great article in Sunday’s Times Argus about the Barre Rotary Club, however, it featured a picture of the Barre Altrusa Club.  Nobody else had noticed.

Claire made a couple announcements:

  • She is coordinating a date to re-paint the picnic tables at the Rotary Park picnic shelter.  Rotarians interested in helping out can meet at the shelter next Wednesday, May 29th at 5:30 PM.  The City will provide materials.
  • The VT Granite Museum is looking for volunteers to help clean and staff the space through the summer.  Carol said there are meetings today for potential volunteers.  Claire said she’s not interested going to meetings, only in cleaning.  She has an email into Patty Meriam to find out when/where she should show up with her bucket, rags and Clorox.  When she hears back, she’ll spread the word.

Roy said the June 19th helicopter golf ball drop is less than a month away and encouraged people to sell tickets.  Prez Jim passed around the flyer for the Central VT Home Health & Hospice gold tournament that same day.

Joe said Rotarians are donating time/service to the local little league by running the concession stand at games.  Money raised through concessions will help rehabilitate their field.  There are still a few slots available for upcoming games.  Call or email Joe to see what slots are available and to sign up.

Dick said the Rotabarrians are scheduled to rehearse tomorrow afternoon at his house at 4:30 PM in preparation for the changeover dinner.

Claire reminded people of the downtown walks that start behind City Hall and go to Route 62 – Thursday evenings beginning at 7:00 PM.  Claire said they are “walking with tongs” to pick up trash.  Roy, who is apparently going deaf, asked for a “Claire-ification” – are they wearing thongs?

President Jim passed around the potential new member list and asked people to sign up to recruit.

Ron proposed a fine of 1+9 on all those not wearing their name tags.  While the typical fine for such an offense is a quarter, the dollar was declared automatic.

Jack said he wanted to offer the 1st Happy Dollar of the meeting – having apparently missed the previous 5 Happy Dollars.  His was for watching his granddaughter play field hockey and score the game’s final goal.

Sue tried to sneak out without giving a secretary’s report, but there was nothing to report, anyway.

Karl introduced our speaker:  Holly Groschner, and attorney with the Vermont Telecommunications Authority.  Holly gave a Happy Dollar for re-connecting with Karl.  She said she previously worked with Karl and he’s known for having the best cell towers in the state.  Karl said she also purchased 2 helicopter golf ball drop tickets (Thanks, Holly!)

Holly talked about broadband, internet service and cell phone service (or lack thereof) in Vermont, including the following:

  • There are not enough towers in VT; where she lives in Corinth, there is no cell service.
  • The VTA works on identifying where there is and isn’t service, and they figure out how to spend federal and state dollars to make improvements.
  • The build infrastructure and offer financial incentives to encourage development by the private sector.
  • There is a significant need for broadband to support tourism, economic development and schools.
  • Identifying all un-served E911 addresses – started with 290,000 as of 2010 and now down to 336.
  • There is a massive plan to develop service in the Northeast Kingdom, which will encourage Canadian businesses to do business across the border.
  • Visit for more information about coverage.

Rotarians thanked Holly for a great program.

Sandy had the winning raffle ticket.  No idea if she had any luck with the marbles.

Visit other local Rotary Clubs – it’s fun and counts as a make up!







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