In the absence of our scribe, Carol Dawes, both Michael Knight and George Milne took these notes. (note from Carol – George emailed me his notes and said Michael had scribbled on napkins and he (George) made notes on the tablecloth – that’s dedication!)


We missed the song, pledge and prayer at the beginning of the meeting. There were 20 in attendance – 18 Barre Rotarians and 2 guests –Sonja Spaulding and Matt Mulligan our speakers.


A meal of pork potatoes, salad, bread and delicious brownies were enjoyed by all. (from Carol – what’s a “pork potato”?)


President Claire announced the Changeover Meeting will be Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM on June 29th and urged all of us to bring a guest.


Mario paid a Happy Dollar for getting a clean bill of health. He also urges us all to sell our raffle tickets for the bright red Mazda convertible. Remember only 250 tickets are being sold at $100 each. The odds are good.


Susan P announced there were no guests except for the speakers. She said she was glad to be back after being in California and LasVegas where she won $29.00 on a $2.00 bet.


Joe Preddy introduced our speakers, Sonja Spaulding and Matt Mulligan, who spoke about the “Momentum for Barre” group. The group was formed about a year ago as “Moms’ for Barre” with about a dozen women and has been renamed and broadened to include any interested Barre City and Barre Town resident. It has goals of:

  1. facilitating communications among the various community groups
  2. do a monthly Green Up Day (they collected over 2000 cigarette butts on Green Up Day)
  3. make available and support Youth programs and establish more offender reentry programs.


The greatest need is to break the cycle of generational poverty and provide youth assistance in Barre.


They encouraged us to go to their website: for a PowerPoint presentation plus information on current events, pictures and other interesting information on Barre.


Note from Carol – Thanks, George (and Michael, wherever your notes are) for scribing in my absence!)