President Jim opened the meeting a couple of minutes late.

For grace, Roy placed a white carnation of remberance in a vase, and paid tribute to Obie Wells by reciting the lyrics from the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Obie's favorite song.

George Milne read highlights of Obie's life from his obituary including many military assignments, honors and medals.

President Jim announced that we will be relocating our meetings to The Quarry at Depot Aquare beginning next week, March 20, at noon.  The price remains the same for our lunch time meal.  John Reilly said he understands our reasoning and we thanked him for taking good care of us for more than 20 years.

Karl introduced our speaker, Joel Schwartz, the new director of Barre Area Development.

Joel gave us a brief personal and professional history.  Raised in Pittsburgh, Pa, he moved to a cabin in Danville, built a house there over 29 years ago, and has worked in St Johnsbury in municipal government.  He is bringing himself up to speed on the projects and challenges in Barre, and is excited to be working on behalf of Barre City and Barre Town.   He said that everyone he has met so far has been great to work with.

Joe Preddy won the raffle.