Onion River Exchange - a time share organization


Nice to be back after two weeks gone.  Last week I was swamped (sorry) with after-flood stuff.  In an effort to feel right at home after dealing with flood-related issues, I felt it necessary to dump a whole glass of water on the table and Tom’s lap.  Sorry!


We sang at a brisk tempo, some of us said the pledge, and Joe offered grace.


Ron distributed breakfast tickets and reminded us we’re all expected to work on July 30th.  President Claire said she is reaching out to Probation & Parole to arrange for help moving and setting up the tables and chairs for the breakfast.


Dick gave a Happy Dollar for the wonderful weather, and noted that Obie is once again with us.  Could he be the source of the sunny skies?


Obie followed with 2 Happy Dollars.  He announced two special events from his time away from us:

  • He celebrated his 22nd year with his new heart.
  • He was inducted into the OCS Hall of Fame.  (I tried to find a website link with more info, but couldn’t.  Maybe someone else knows where we can look.)


P. Claire said we are scheduled to have Club Assembly on June 22nd, but in a rare display of democracy, offered the Club the opportunity to have a speaker instead.  We jumped at the chance.  Joe will let us know who it’ll be.


Speaking of speakers, Joe said there was lots of interest expressed in hearing “the other side” of the Vermont Yankee story, and so Representative Tony Klein will be our speaker next week.


Carol gave an update on flood relief efforts, and said there will be volunteer opportunities once the flood relief center is up and running next week.


Prez Claire said due to the flooding, Michael doesn’t have access to his email account at the Times Argus, therefore, for the foreseeable future emails should be sent to michaeljknight@myfairpoint.net.  Please make a note of it.


Michael gave a Happy Dollar for the announcement.


Karen gave a Happy Dollar and announced that tonight kicks off the annual summer events of the Authors at the Aldrich and the Concerts in Currier Park.


P. Claire started to make noises as if she were getting ready to head into the program portion of our meeting.  Sue jumped in and reminded PC about the Secretary’s Report.  When finally given the opportunity to give the report, Sue noted there actually isn’t anything to report this week.  It’s the principle of the thing…


Jim introduced our speaker – former Barre Rotarian Alison Underhill, who is the coordinator for the Onion River Exchange.  Alison said ORE is a service exchange time bank that allows people to provide services, for which they receive time credits in their “bank”.  They then get to “cash in” their credits for services offered by other members.  There are currently 430 members.


An individual membership is $25 and a family membership is $40.  Or you can give 2 hours of your time towards an ORE fund-raiser event in exchange for a membership.


Alison said non-profits and service organizations such as Rotary can become members.  People can volunteer to work on Club activities and earn hours for their bank with no need for the Club to “pay back” the hours.  She also talked about opportunities for the Club to set up a similar system whereby we “fill” the bank with hours that club members volunteer, and use them in service to the community.  There is a software program that helps track such a time bank system – Time Weaver.


To find out more information or to sign up for ORE, visit their website at www.orexchange.org.


Ron held the winning raffle ticket.  Don’t know how he did with the marble.