The following notes were supplied by Michael Knight – Thanks, Michael!


While the bell was still ringing from President Lane’s forceful ring fellow Rotarian Ron Parnigoni leapt to his feet with a Breakfast Report.  (In a way we were served breakfast before lunch – see below).  The cleaning of the grills has begun and through his calculations he estimated they peeled away enough eggs and French toast to serve the first 100 customers!  And bacon?  Ron asked that we invite everyone we know to come and help.


Tom Babic called on President Lane to pass the Gavel to President Elect Jim Catone (temporarily standing in as Sergeant-at-Arms).  Tom motioned a fine of one and nine on President Lane:  At least Clare got us fed.  Sue Poczobut seconded.  At this point the meeting was well underway and we were rationed to bread and water – with some trouble getting that to cover the mob.  Tom’s called the question: “What did Karen do?” -  The first defense came from the kitchen, almost on cue the food came out.  That didn’t stop Claire, moving to amend the fine to include John Gardener and Judy Peterson for not sharing their rolls with the rest of the table.  John Gardener called on the Act of God clause in his defense as he and Judy were discussing flood damage.  There was no flood of sympathy – the fine passed – after John Castaldo was added to the pile of accused (most of us know why).


President Lane called upon Secretary Sue Poczobut for the Secretary’s Report – and what a report.  Do not expect to hand in a make-up slip until you’ve actually missed a meeting or it won’t count, Ron.


Club Business:

Needed Immediately – Sergeant-at-Arms : this entry level position is the first step in the Rotary Leadership chain of command.  The right candidate is given a nearly absolute power to direct other new members, collect admission fees, fines, happy dollars and sell raffle tickets.  The Sergeant-at-Arms coordinates new members in the setting up, and breaking down of the weekly meetings.  See President Lane to be considered for the vital club office.


Next Meeting: Club Vision discussion led by Roy Somaini.


A Presidential Thank You went out to Judy Peterson for her classification speech last week.

Today’s speaker, Josh Piascik, was introduced by his sponsor, Roy Somaini.  Josh told us he felt being invited into the Barre Rotary Club was a pleasure and an honor.  He met Roy at the Expo, something he did with his store manager in an effort to get more involved with the community.  Josh was born in Hartford Connecticut, but grew up in Northern Mane a town where one needed to travel for 45 minutes to get new underwear, Van Buren. He graduated from Van Buren High where he participated in sports, drama and senate – taking part in Boys State.  He is still grateful for the opportunities he had being in a small school.  His graduating class was a whole 28 kids.  He was raised by his mom and grandparents. 


He went on to Thomas College in Waterville, Maine.  In his sophomore year he took a job at Day’s Jewelers, where he met his mentor.  Starting out as a maintenance man he moved up to Service Specialist which developed into an internship through the school.  At the age of 23 he found himself in charge of 14 people. 


A layoff led him to bouncing around different retail jobs. While working for Staples he met Elissa, and her 16 month old son Seth – they now have two more, Lila is two and Alexis is 4 months.  Josh was working on a construction job and approached the foreman  when he  first learned of his current company, Sherwin Williams.  The foreman had worked for SW and felt they would be a good fit for Josh.  He has been there since, and in the 18 months has gone from, full time Associate to Product Specialist to Assistant Manager of the Barre Store.


Sherwin Williams was founded in 1886 by Hennery Sherwin originally from Baltimore, Vermont.  In Cleveland he met Williams and the rest is history.  Sherwin Williams has made painting history with the invention of the paint roller, the development of “School Bus Yellow” and has supplied paint for the white house and the Golden Gate Bridge.  Their products are available to individuals, contractors and institutions.  The cover products that work as roof coatings, sound proofing walls and floor coating.  Discounts are available to contractors and individuals – Look out for a 40% off sale coming soon. 


Q/A:  President Clinton suggested job program painting black roof white.  Would SW get involved?  Oddly a white roof covering that would save money is a tough sell as consumers balk at the idea of a white roof.  This money saving product is also $32 a gallon to contractors and only covers 60 sq yards.  Do you keep paint mixture records?  All custom paints orders are stored in a customer file for six years.  Will you tell us about the Tinker bell wall paper?  There is a huge array of wallpapers of many designs as well as paintable and strippable.  Once wallpapers were somewhat mandatory with earlier walls there was a need to cover rough plaster and horsehair mixtures.  Wallpaper was often adhered with all kinds of paste and glues.  It was not uncommon to see layer upon layer as finishes aged and became outdated.  Today’s wallpaper can easily be removed or covered.  When are you open? Our Store hours are Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday 10 am to 4:00 pm.  Who are your customers?  In Barre most are do-it-yourselfers – though nationwide most Sherwin Williams’ customers are contractors at a 70/30 ratio.  Who’s bigger in sales the Barre store or Montpelier?  Montpelier is a little bigger.  Oddly you won’t see people from either community in the other store.  At the Expo nearly all the people signing up for the drawing had Barre addresses.


Oddball Rotary news: 

  • Claire found a letter from the Supreme Court stating Rotary was not bound by the ruling to allow women – a ruling that later was overthrown.
  • Michael Knight gave a happy dollar for Sherwin Williams winning the Times Argus “Best of the Best” award for “Best Paint Store”.
  • A guide to Grant Funding from Congressman Peter Welch was submitted for the club member’s use, see attached scan.