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August 22, 2012 
Get off your Buts 
Howdy fellow Rotarians!  It’s Carol, back from hiatus.  We were short staffed in the clerk’s office since the middle of February.  But a new staff person started in June, so I’m back!  Sorry the Chips are coming via email, but I don’t know how to post stuff to Clubrunner. 
Today’s meeting was President Jim’s first (following the change over and no meeting on the July 4 th holiday).  He rang the bell at high noon (time synchronized by Bill N.), I started us off on the usual song, and Joe offered one of his usual heartfelt and eloquent graces.  There were 15 Rotarians present, 2 speakers and 1 guest.  People bellied up to the salad bar and enjoyed bowls of ravioli for lunch. 
No fines today, but lots of Happy & Sad Dollars.  Mario started us off with a HD – he’s back from Canada, where he participated in his first official race.  In spite of a broken car, he placed 1 st in 2 heats, and 9 th in the overall race.  Congrats to our own Mario Andretti! 
Claire gave a HD for an article in Consumer Reports - our very own Central Vermont Medical Center is 4 th in the nation for safest hospitals! 
Jack, who has served on the board of CVMC for many years (and so was willing to take all the credit for the national ranking), gave a HD in honor of his 54 th wedding anniversary, which was on July 5 th . 
President Jim gave a HD for his presidential induction, held in Boothbay, ME.  It rained and there were too many people in the cocktail lounge, but he got his picture taken with RI President Sakuji Tanaka. 
Carol gave 19 Sad Dollars in recognition of the 19 meetings she missed, and 1 HD for being back. 
President Jim read a request from Roy on behalf of a 14 year old boy who has been recommended to the Community Justice Center for help dealing with anger and control issues.  Roy asked for a $300 contribution from the Club so the boy can take karate lessons to deal with his anger issues.  There was discussion about the Club’s past practice of not supporting individuals, and the fact that we have not adopted a charitable budget yet for the year.  There was no motion to authorize the donation, but Claire said people could make individual donations through her and she’ll make sure they get to Roy. 
Ron passed around the sign-up sheet for the Rotary breakfast, which is only 2 weeks away! 
With Secretary Sue away on vacation, P. Jim called on George to introduce our guest, Shane Mispel, who is the store manager at TD Bank in Barre. 
Carol announced that the Joint Service Clubs committee that coordinates the annual community service recognition dinner is holding its first meeting today at 5:00 PM at the library.  Anybody interested in helping out is welcome to attend the meeting.  If you can’t make today’s meeting but are interested in being part of the committee, email Carol to be added to the list. 
Bill N. gave a HD in honor of his birthday tomorrow, even though Secretary Sue wasn’t here to read the list and demand the money.  Bill said he won’t pay again when the list is read. 
Bill N. introduced our speaker, Dave Wheel, who is a fellow guardsperson and currently the executive director for ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve). Dave said ESGR was founded 40 years ago as a part of the Department of Defense, and provides outreach to employers, guard & reserve members and veterans.  Roles include: 

   • Education for both service people and employers 
   • Recognition of supportive employers 
   • Informal mediation and conflict resolution 
   • Helping vets find jobs. 

Dave gave a situational update on deployment of Vermonters and changes as troops come home.  He spoke of the laws that protect vets and their jobs and the value of hiring a veteran.  The Vermont unemployment rate for young (post-9/11) vets is 9.5%, the first time it’s been under 10%.  The national average is 8.5%.  One percent of the population serves in the military.  Dave spoke about the Hiring our Heroes and Hero to Hired programs, which offer support and guidance to both vets looking for work and employers looking to hire. 
Accompanying Dave was Linda Fowler, a retired 25 year service member working out of the Berlin armory, who talked about her work helping vets find jobs.  Linda said they encourage veterans to use their educational benefit and work closely with Norwich, CCV and the Department of Labor. 
Dave went through some facts & myths about returning vets, and misconceptions about people with post-traumatic stress disorders (PSTD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).  He showed a brief film about the ESGR program and how to best support citizen soldiers. 
Jim thanked our speakers, and Dave drew the winning raffle ticket – held by your truly.  No luck with the marbles, though. 
Visit other local Rotary Clubs – it’s fun and counts as a make up!