We began the meeting a few minutes after the noon hour with the usual song,  pledge of allegiance, and a poignant and heartfelt grace delivered by PP Joe Preddy.

Every story has a beginning and an end.   Today's story, however, started in the middle and ended at the beginning.  Read on.

First, we will start with the fines.  No surprise with that.

Karl fined Lucille and Karen for sitting at the greeter's table and for not sitting with their fellow Rotarians.  He described them as too lovely not to share their company. Lucille  provided a defense that moved President Jim to utter a comment about how impressed he was.  The vote was overwhelmingly a No, and the fine failed.

We are now deep in the middle of the meeting, which should have been a beginning of the program, but as I mentioned earlier the beginning happened at the end.

At this point, Roy fined Karl and Sandy one and four.  Karl had asked Sandy if she could give her classification talk if Shane Mispel did not arrive in time to present his classification talk.  She pleasantly said no.  Prior to asking Sandy, Karl had said that if she said yes, he would arrange to have dancing men and women for the program on February 13th, which is when Sandy was already scheduled.  Hence the reason for the fine.  Sandy said no which meant no dancing would be happening in the near future.  Roy then removed Sandy from the fine and changed it to 1 and nine on Karl alone.  The fine passed.

We weren't quite through with this however.  Sandy, looking at her PEA, (Personal Electronic Assistant, or whatever it is called), said that she was scheduled on the 6th, not the 13th.  At this point President Jim said that he doubted she had been scheduled on Sunday the 13th, his birthday.  Bringing President Jim up to speed and to February 13, not Jan 13, it was decided that Sandy would change her PEA.

Since Shane had not arrived, Karl, our Program Director, created a program.  He had the video of the moose at Sugarbush South chasing a skier, or as Karl pointed out, a man with ski poles, running like crazy.  Jim asked him about the moose charging the skier and Karl said he charged 1 and nine.

Tom said his son got a picture of a moose riding the ski chair lift.  Roy asked if the moose was actually seen riding the ski chair lift.  Tom, opened his mouth, no sound came out and he sat down.  He did, however, acknowledge that he did actually say just that.

President Jim asked for the secretary's report.  Sec. Sue was being a waitress by getting coffee of Billy.  Karl fined sue for not being available to give her report, mentioning that she is a very attractive waitress.  Karl must have been watching Brent Musberger this week. ( Watch the sports news tonight to figure that one out)  The fine passed because Billy was offering to pay it.

Secretary's report included thank you notes for St Monica students for the dictionaries with a class phot including Rotarians Joe Preddy and Ed Rousse.

B days included Karl and President Jim.

Anniversaries:  Butch 9 years, Bob, 21 years, Karl 42 years, Dick, 29 years, Roy 4 years(this time around)

George gave a report on his call to Shane Mispel this morning to remind him about the meeting.  He left a message on a elecronic messaging device.  Not trusting this system, George stopped in to pick up Shane only to dosicover that he had jsut left the office.  Hmm.

Karl drew the winning ticket and the white marble, winning $80.00

The meeting adjourned and then the beginning met the end as Shane Mispel strode into the room.  He had set the time incorrectly on his PEA thing.  Surprised and embarrassed, he couldn't believe he had messed up the time.  We have all done it.  Many years ago, I go up early in the morning, decided to go to work around 5:00 a.m., showered, dressed, put on a tie, and headed for the office.  Around 7:30 a.m., I realized no one else was there and checked my PEA thing.  It was Saturday morning.  I went home, and tried not to wake up Elizabeth.  Yeh, right!

Go ahead and reshedule Shane.  We want to hear your classification talk.  We'll be there at the beginning, or maybe we will all show up at 12:50 P.M. just to mess with ya.  Rotarians do that sometimes.