President Jim opened the meeting right on time and maestro Richard led us in song and grace was said by Roy or Joe. Roy actually can't remember at this point.

being club assembly, president Jim followed an agenda about the club, mentioning that he and Roy had attended the District assembly on the previous Saturday learning about Future Vision, The Foundation, and the Speech contest was outstanding.

Future Vision includes grants that will be administered differently going forward, with an emphasis on sustainability of projects, and stewardship. Vermont clubs will have access to apply for $30,000 in grants versus $10,000 in previous. Initially, clubs can apply for a limit of one grant for $1,000, but more may be available in November.

Group Study Exchange as we know it has ended, being replaced by a Vocational program.

The District is looking for Rotary host for a Fellowship exchange team coming to Vermont this spring. Fog more info, visit the home page of District 7850.

President Jim talked about our membership drive and announced that he was going to implement several suggestions from the District website. He handed out a survey that we completed and he will take steps to get it to Rotarians not in attendance. We formed a membership committee to explore a plan to grow membership. Jim will lead the meetings, and Sue, Bob, and Roy are on the committee. Someone else signed up too. Who are you?

I believe Bob had the winning ticket, but couldn't find the white marble. He is a granite man, ya know.

We apologize for the lack of humor in this week's newsletter. We checked and it is on back order, but should be resupplied by next week.