We started the year off, but barely.

President Jim was looking a bit lost when John Reilly told him that we weren't meeting this week, and he had sent three Rotarians home already.  Karl, Lucille, and Bill will undoubtedly be able to get credit for attendance for their effort to attend the meeting.

To add to the confusion, John had booked a funeral luncheon and had not prepared food for our Rotary group.  However, being the resilient Vermonter that he is, John reacted quickly, set up a meeting room and 11 ( I think it was 11) of us had a cozy meeting around the granite table.  Let's see how my memory is.   Jack, Bertil, Bill, Dick, Tom, Danielle, George, Susan, Jim, Joe, Roy.  Did I miss anyone. And we were served a nice meal of salad, bird and pasta.

We waived, singing, pledging, raffling, and praying. 

Susan, flippantly, said to George that "Men never pay attention".  Roy, who was paying close attention fined Sue, and President Jim asked for what.  The gavel was passed, Roy amended the fine to include Jim at 1 and 4 for making Susan's point.  The fine and its defense was soon lost in idle talk and it became apparent that no one was paying attention.  Brought back in focus, the amendment passed and the main motion failed.

Susan read a Thank You card from Betty, our waitress, for the Holiday gratuity given and received on December 15th.

Jack gave a happy dollar because his 3 legged dog got away from him, and chased the plow truck up the road.  Jack was happy that the dog gave up the chase and came home without incident.

Roy gave a Happy dollar for his holiday trip to Virginia where he celebrated Christmas, his 44th anniversary, and grandson Kyle's 10th B Day.

Susan tried to give the secretary's report and was interrupted by idle chatter emitting from Joe Preddy.  Roy fined Joe who was admiring someone's sweater, and everyone immediately began admiring all the sweaters around the table.  Who knows what happened to the fine.

Susan asked Roy to, and he did, introduce his guest, Danielle Tucker, from Tucker Machines.  Danielle and her husband own tucker MAchines in Barre and she is interested in joining Rotary. 

Conversation unlocked politics, Santa Claus, New Year's Eve, Susan's upcoming cruise and what she and Skip can do with several hours of waiting time in NYC, sweaters, dogs and porcupine quills in the snout, and Amtrak train rides.

Roy reported on the Helicopter Golf Ball Drop that will be tied to the CVHHH golf tournament on June 19th.  It was agreed to increase the prize money to $2000 with three payouts.  We will attempt to get a sponsor to underwrite the $1950 cost and we decided to split the net proceeds with the Hospice program based on a percentage of the sales between Rotary and CVHHH.  Roy will order the tickets and distribute packets to members later this month.  He encouraged everyone to make an energetic effort to sell tickets.  Jim volunteered to serve on the committee and others are welcome to help out. Just let Roy know.

President Jim adjourned the meeting early.