The Newsletter of the Barre Rotary Club


Give, Live, Laugh


Notes from January 11, 2012 meeting at The Hilltop


Upcoming Rotary Programs – Nothing on the schedule yet, but Joe assures me there will be GREAT programs in our future!


I didn’t catch much of the beginning of the meeting, as I was politicking – collecting signatures on my petition seeking re-election as City Clerk/Treasurer.  Vote Dawes!


Roy gave an Announcement Dollar – he has gathered together a group of 10 Rotarians to meet at his house this evening.  They are our Fundraising Committee, committed to just one meeting to brainstorm ideas for our future fundraising efforts.  The meeting is scheduled from 5:31 – 6:59 PM and all are welcome.  The ideas generated with come back to the Club for presentation.


Roy proposed a frivolous (his word) fine of 1+1 ½ on everyone wearing a sweater.  There was much discussion on what constitutes a sweater, with Roy saying fleeces don’t count.  Jay immediately started collecting money from those so attired before the fine was voted on, leading Karl to propose an amendment of 1+9 on Jay for premature collection.  Jay said he was collecting dollars because he doesn’t know what “1+1 ½” means.  Joe defended Jay saying it’s important to have a sergeant who is an aggressive collector.  Karl withdrew his amendment.  Jay finished collecting money.  We then voted on the original fine.  While the voice vote didn’t seem to support passage of the fine, Jay said he wasn’t returning the dough, so President Karen declared the fine passed.


There was then an explanation of the Barre Rotary fine system.


Karl made a motion to increase our maximum fine from $1 to $2.  The motion died from lack of a second.  P. Karen said she will research our strange fining system and see if there’s anything in the bylaws that would preclude an increase.


Roy admitted he doesn’t know everything.


George gave a Happy Dollar – he skied at Stowe on Monday, on his new knees!


Prez Karen gave a Happy Dollar – the library’s new young adult program manager starts today, with a pilot program aimed at serving teen in the community.  The start-up of the program was funded through the Semprebon Funds left to the City of Barre.


El Presidente gave a Happy Dollar – her last two meals were cooked by Luanne Preddy (wife of Joe), and they were excellent.  [N.B. Your scribe ate Luanne’s soup last night, and will heartily concur!]


Sue gave the secretary report and we welcomed Dave Rubel, visiting Montpelier Rotarian.  Dave said he’s working on a project in Barre at the moment and expects to visit with us a few more times.  George said Dave has helped butter toast at our breakfasts.  Dave announced that he is not the husband of our quest speaker.  That comment seemed to come out of left field…


Joe gave an update on the Dictionary Project, saying word has reached us that the Barre Elks are planning on distributing dictionaries to the local 3rd graders – a project we’ve done for the past 8+ years.  Joe is in contact with the Elks to get this straightened out.


Carol introduced our speaker, Emily Kaminsky, who is doing community outreach and public relations for City Place.  Emily said City Place is the name of the site currently owned by the City.  The City purchased the property with federal Neighborhood Stabilization Grant funds and demolished the former Coins & Hobbies and Brooks Drugs buildings.  The City is working with Black River Design on conceptual designs for a building for the site.  It was reported in the Times Argus yesterday that Governor Shumlin said some of the state workers displaced from Waterbury will be relocated to Barre, and the City plans on making a presentation to the state for location of workers in City Place.  Other possible occupants of the building include a grocery store and health facilities.


There is a public presentation about City Place on Thursday, January 19th starting at 7:00 PM in the Opera House, and Emily encouraged lots of people to attend to show support for the project and having state workers relocated to Barre.


Lucille held the winning raffle ticket.  Good for her.