Granie Chips 2-8-12 

It was a large and lively group today.  Dick started us off pretty low for the usual song, but we made it through.  Joe offered a particularly eloquent grace.  Then everyone tucked into chicken (?) parmesan and pasta.


Roy offered a Happy Dollar – he was pleased with the size of the turnout in spite of the fact that he (& Kevin) is the program.  Roy said there was lots of musical chatter.


Tom then proposed a fine of 1+9 on Roy for advertising Dick with the use of the word “musical”.  Tom actually defended Dick by saying perhaps the fine shouldn’t pass as he would lose his ride back to the office.  The fine passed anyway.


Bob proposed a fine of 1+9 on Karl for conducting business during the meeting.  Karl’s phone rang and he took the call, making everyone else feel badly for eating instead of working.  Karl stood, carefully wiped his mouth and offered no defense.  The fine passed.


Bob stood to offer a Happy Dollar, and berated his fellow Rotarians for not heeding the bell.  Once quiet had settled over the room, he gave his HD in honor of the New York Giants, who are deservedly (again) the world champs.  There was some grumbling from the peanut gallery, but no retaliation.


Judy gave a Happy Dollar – Henri Burrell (owner of Chez Henri at Sugarbush) is holding a benefit dinner at the restaurant later this week in honor of the hospice care provided to his wife.  There’s still room, so contact Judy if you’re interested in attending.


Elizabeth passed around the annual sign-up sheets for the basketball tourneys at the auditorium, which begin in early March.  If you’re interested in ushering or selling tickets, get in touch with her.


President Karen offered the secretary report, as Sue is not here today.  We welcomed the following:

Todd Murphy – proposed new member (with Sherwin Williams)

Carl Haasper – proposed new member (with TD Bank)

????  ????? (sorry, didn’t catch her name) – a young woman who is currently a graduate student, and was a foreign exchange student at Spaulding HS 5 years ago.


Roy & Kevin were the program today.  Roy said the Fundraising Committee met at his house 3 weeks ago to share fundraising ideas.  They selected the top 4 (actually 5) to present:

  • Helicopters & Golf Balls.  The Club would contract with a company that administers the event.  Club members would “sell” numbered golf balls at $10 each with a goal of selling 1,000 of them.  Then the golf balls would be dropped from a helicopter onto one of the greens at the Barre Country Club.  Closest ball to the pin would win a cash prize.  The administrating company would provide the balls, tickets and helicopter.  Club members would look for sponsors and sell tickets (and pick up the dropped balls).  There is an opportunity to partner with Central VT Home Health & Hospice.  They have a gold tournament in June and this could be part of that.  CVHHH staff & volunteers could help sell tickets.  There would be some division of funds raised.
  • Over the Edge.  People get pledges to participate in rappelling down the side of a tall building in Barre (possibly North Barre Manor).  Kevin estimates the revenues could run as high as $50,000+, depending on number of participants, sponsorship money and expenses.  The project would call for developing a website that would allow people to make pledges on-line.  The Club would work with a professional company on the rigging.  A target timeframe would be September/October.
  • Rotary After Dark.  Once a month (or so) the Club would hold a social gathering for dinner and/or cocktails.  The events would be held at local establishments and the restaurant would donate 10% of the proceeds to Rotary for our charity fund.  It’s a great way to promote membership.
  • Maple Syrup.  The Club would establish a relationship with a maple producer, create a website, product, distribution system, label and marketing.  Club/Rotary connections would be used to sell product.
  • Sports Car Raffle.  A repeat of what we did last year – buy a used high-end sports car and sell a limited number of raffle tickets at $100 each.  All Rotarians would need to be responsible for selling tickets.  The drawing would be at the July breakfast.


The Club discussed pros and cons for the different options and came to the following conclusions:

  • Rotary After Dark falls under membership.  Jim said he would take the lead on this.
  • The Club will pursue Helicopters & Golf Balls.  Roy will take the lead.
  • The Club will also pursue Over the Edge.  Kevin will take the lead.
  • The Club will explore Maple Syrup.  Jack will take the lead.
  • The Club will not do a car raffle.


Club members thanked Roy, Kevin and the Fundraising Committee for the great work with a round of applause.


The winning ticket belonged to Judy, but she had left.  I don’t know what will happen now!