President Karen rang the bell and began the meeting at 12:00 P.M. precisely, using satellite technology to check the time, not Claire's 1963 travel clock.

She asked Roy to say grace.

Tony Campos, a guest for the day, gave a happy dollar.  

Several minutes later, Roy have a happy dollar, recognizing Stephanie Quaranta, from Barre City, a guest at the meeting.  Roy expressed Rotary's gratitude for the customer service provided by Stephanie and the entire crew on the hill. The charitalbe funds Rotary is able to give to our community, have been due mainly to the Expos and Home Show events held at Barre City's Civic Center.  For more than 50 yearss,  Rotary has viewed the Barre city as a partner in producing these events and we are thankful for the efforts of the employees onthe hill in that effort. 

Roy also took the time to fine Bob Pope, who may be thinking that having lunch with his wife Nancy, was a romantic gesture the day after Valentine's Day.  Bob, in his defense, said that Nancy may consider thw luncheon more romantic than his invitation on the previous day, February 14th, to join him for dinner with two of Rock of Ages largest customers.  The fine did not pass.

President Karen announced that four Rotarians can attend the Rotary Leadership Institute on March 31st and the club will cover the fee.  Anyone interested can contact Karen or Jim Catone. 

Ton Campos fined all Rotarians not wearing a badge, as he reminisced about his golden olden days as Sergeant-At-Arms in 1995.  The fine passed.

President Karen welcomed our guests from many of the city's non  profit organizations who she invited to the meeting to accept a contributionfrom Barre Rotary.  President Karen thanked them for the services each of their organizations provide to our community, explaining that we would be giving more than $19,000 to the 17 groups gathered at our meeting.  Other contributions, for another $16,000 have been given to other organizations earlier this year.

Each of the following organizations was presented a check by President Karen.  Reprentatives of each organization took a minute to thank Rotary and to tell us how they are doing this year.  In a year with many challenges, many of the groups dealt with the affects of flooding in their buildings and with the people they serve.  The meeting had an atmosphere of community unity, cheerfulness, and happy chatter.


Aldrich Library                                                           Nancy Pope
Barre Area clergy                                                     Carl Hilton VanOsdall
Barre Historical Society                                           Karen Lane for Chet Briggs
Barre Opera House                                                  Dan Casey
Barre City recreation                                                Stephanie Quaranta
Barre Youth Mentor Program                                  Stephanie Quaranta for Linda Babic
CIRCLE                                                                     Stephen McArhur
Central Vermont Basic Education                          Ed Pirie
Central Vermont Hme Health & Hospice               Karen Lane for Judy Peterson
Our House                                                                 Karl Rinker for Charlene Rinker
People's Health & Wellness                                    Peter Youngbaer
Project Independence                                              Dee Rollins
Studio Place Arts                                                      Sue Higby
SWISH                                                                       Elizabeth LaPerle
Vermont Granite Museum                                        Patty Meriam
Vermont Historical Society                                      Jane Campbell
Boy Scouts of America                                            Kevin O'Hara

Joe Preddy announced that Superintendent John Bacon would prsent Barre City's school budget next week, and City Manager Steve McKenzie, will be here the follwoing week with the municipal budget.

Karl Rinker graciously invited our guests to consider joining Rotary.

Bob Pope gave a Happy Dollar, expressing how rewarding this meeting is for him, as a Rotarian.  He said that it is an opportunity to see and hear how Rotary's efforts impact the community , not only our contributions, but through the commitment all of our organizations have to positively impact Barre and the people who live and work here.

Jack Barnes won the raffle, but not the white marble.

President rang the bell, wishing everyone "a Great Rotary Week".