President Karen was late, but someone unknown to this reporter, rang the bell and led the rest of us in song, allegiance and prayer.

President Karen arrived for the prayer and took control of her gavel to continue the meeting.

Ted gave a happy dollar and passed out photos of Mario Bonacorsi on vacation.  Mario went to a racing school in Arizona and drove several styles of race cars.  He was reffered to as Mario Andretti and we learned that, he too, named his son Michael, as did the infamous Mario of racing legend.

Mario also gave a happy dollar.  He passed around a national "Multiple Myeloma" magazine with an article and pictures,  reporting on our Car Raffle last year.

Roy fined Amber for not saying "please" to our Sergeant at Arms whe asking for her ticket and change.  Amber seconded the motion.  I can't remember is it passed or not.  Amber, PLEASE remind me.  Thank you.

Our guest was Bruce LIsman of Campaign for Vermont.  He is a Vermont native, born and raised in Burlington and he went to UVM.

Bruce founded Campaign for Vermont to create an non-political forum to address Vermont issues, with a goal to exchange ideas, have  dialogues, and look for solutions that work to measurably improve our lives.

 He mentioned several issues, including education, health care, taxation, jobs, the economy, and our aging population in Vermont.

 Bruce also listed some of our assets an invited us to participate in his campaign to make a impact on the process of addressing issues in Vermont.  To learn more, or to share your ideas, go to

Carl, from TD BankNorth, was a guest today.  His name is being published here as notice to our membership of his application to the Barre Rotary Club.  Karen Lane is his Sponsor. Carl lives in Stowe, and works in he Barre TD Bank office.

Jay Tosi won the raffle, but not the white marble.