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The Newsletter of the Barre Rotary Club


Give, Live, Laugh


Notes from December 28, 2011 meeting at The Hilltop


Upcoming Rotary Programs – Nothing on the schedule yet, but Joe assures me there will be GREAT programs in the new year.


An apology – I took copious notes at the meeting, then promptly lost them.  This is from memory or made up.


Carol led us in a rousing rendition of the usual song, some of us pledged and Michael offered a short and pithy blessing.  Then it was buffet salad, lasagna, rolls and brownies for lunch.


President Karen called on Sue for the Secretary’s report.  Sue rose, looked around the room and sat back down without a word.  At which point, everybody reminded Sue that there was a guest present.  George stood to introduce his guest – wife Linda, a Montpelier Rotarian – and proposed a fine on Sue for shirking her duties.  Sue paid before there was a vote.


Joe presented the report of the Nominating Committee, and presented the following slate:

  • President Elect:  Jim Catone
  • Vice President:  TBA
  • Secretary:  Sue Poczobut
  • Treasurer:  Elizabeth LaPerle
  • Directors-at-Large (2 positions):  TBA


Joe asked for any nominations from the floor.  Hearing none, and no additional comments, Joe declared the slate elected by acclamation.


Joe introduced our speaker – Sandra Lory from Food Works at Two Rivers Food in Montpelier.  Sandra runs the Good Food-Good Medicine program and works with residents at Green Acres, Highgate Housing, Return House and families through the Brook Street School, teaching gardening, healthy cooking & eating, canning & preserving, herbal remedies and building community.  She showed a wonderful powerpoint presentation highlighting the program’s work in our area, with lots of great shots of beautiful gardens, delicious-looking food and happy people.


Bertil held the winning raffle ticket.  Don’t know what happened with the marbles…