Regular meeting, with guest speaker Justa Malone's  presentation on her GSE trip to South Africa

Our waitress, Robin, rang the bell to start the meeting – very loudly, I might add.  We sang, pledged & prayed, with Mario offering grace.


Roy’s phone rang just as we were sitting down to lunch, so he paid a dollar before anybody had a chance to fine him.  He then proposed a fine on Billy, Jim & Jay, who were hard at work taking money at the door.  He told them that today’s lunch included the salad bar and to pass the word along to those coming in.  But several people asked Roy if the salad bar was part of lunch, so he blamed Billy, Jim & Jay for not spreading the word.  The guys were too busy to offer a defense, and the fine didn’t pass – even Roy voted against it.


Michael said traditionally all fines in December go to a charity.  He then proposed a fine on Kevin for sitting at the head table.  It was a pretty transparent attempt to ramp up today’s collection rate.  All the time she was adjudicating the fine, President Karen kept calling Kevin, Michael.  The fine didn’t pass, but I think Kevin paid it anyway.


Claire proposed a fine on Steve for finally showing up for a meeting.  Steve paid the fine before any vote, and also an additional Happy Dollar for making the meeting.


Mario proposed a fine on Amber, claiming “all the beautiful women” were sitting in a line across from him, and Amber – being one of the women included in the group – got up and left to sit elsewhere. 


At this point in the proceedings, Jack stood up and started to talk about something.  He was told to hold his horses until the fine was dealt with.  Jack stood silently and waited his turn.


Amber defended herself by saying she was helping new member Jay Tosi.  The fine didn’t pass.


Jack gave a Happy Dollar and said Rotary got him in trouble.  He was stopped by the Barre Police Department (it’s not clear whether it was the City or Town PD) this morning.  The officer said he was being stopped for having a Rotary plate instead of a proper license plate on the front of his car.  Somehow Jack managed to get out of having a ticket issued.


Michael proposed a fine on Claire – he said he got up to get his badge and when he came back to the table, Claire had taken his seat.  Claire paid the fine without a vote, and gave an additional Happy Dollar, though she said she wasn’t happy.


Dick asked who is printing up the programs for next week’s Holiday luncheon.  Tess said she did it several years ago, and will see if she can find her template.  (Quite a bit later in the meeting, Bertil said he did last year’s program, though he hadn’t acknowledged that when Dick originally asked.)


Tess gave 2 Happy Dollars:

  1. For the gracious card sent by Karen, offering condolences after Tess’s mother passed away in mid-November, and
  2. In celebration of her mom’s life.


Michael gave a Happy Dollar – he spent the morning at VT Supreme Court where a friend was being sworn in as a lawyer.


President Karen called on Sue for the secretary’s report, but Sue said she was ill prepared.


President Karen called forward Elizabeth and our waitress, Robin, who is – as they say – great with child.  Elizabeth said the club had taken up a collection last week and had purchased a few gifts in honor of the impending baby, which is #5!


Bob proposed a fine on Joe, saying those who work in the “resource extraction business” are enjoying the mild fall weather, but Joe is rushing the season with his holiday tie.  Joe then proceeded to show us his Santa socks, and began to remove other articles of clothing as evidence of his holiday spirit.  Tess said Joe actually works in the resource extraction business, too.  He paid the fine without a vote.


Roy gave a Happy Dollar, saying Joe’s holiday display reminded him of a time when Wes Averill – a much beloved Rotarian who passed away several years ago – “dropped trou” to show off his long underwear.


Joe stood to report on next week’s holiday luncheon, but had to wait until Sue was quiet.  Earlier she was ill prepared, now she was ill mannered.  Joe said we’ve invited the other Barre service clubs to join us for next week’s luncheon, and Rotabarrians will sign and Carol will read a story of the season.  Sue said she is twisting Father Leo’s arm to get him to join us and offer such blessings as we might deserve.  Elizabeth said after the luncheon, Rotarians will be traveling to Don Collins house in honor of his 50 years in Rotary.  All are welcome.  President Karen thanked Joe & Elizabeth for all their hard work on the holiday luncheon, which prompted Dick to propose a fine on P. Karen for leaving out the Rotabarrians, who have been rehearsing night and day in preparation for the festive occasion.  The fine passed.


Prez Karen gave a Happy Dollar in honor of Jay’s first day as Sergeant-at-Arms.


Joe introduced our speaker – Just Malone, who was part of a GSE team (group study exchange) to South Africa.  Unfortunately, I had to leave for meeting at work, so missed her talk, which I’m sure was fascinating.  I also missed who won the raffle.  I turned my tickets over to Bob for safe-keeping.  I expect him to pay up if I win!

Roy won the raffle and donated it to Give A Gallon.  He pulled a blue marble.