Club Assembly

President Karen’s clock is a bit slow so we started a few minutes late.  Steve offered a heartfelt grace, and offered our prayers for those affected by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene.


Dick proposed a fine of 1+9 on George (welcome back, George!) for wearing shorts and showing off his scars (you will recall that George just had double knee replacement surgery).  George said he would gladly pay the fine, and preceeded to give an “organ recital” – highlighting all the exciting medical procedures that occupied his summer.


Michael gave a Happy Dollar – he and Melinda put the twins on the school bus this morning for their first day of kindergarten.


President Karen offered a Happy Dollar – the Labor Hall came through the storm with no damage, thanks in part to the City’s offer of sandbags, which kept the building dry, even while water was flowing down Granite Street.


Our secretary wasn’t with us today, so P. Karen welcomed our ubiquitous guest, Bill Brown of Parsippany, NJ.


El Presidente presented and reviewed the proposed administrative budget, which included level funding the dues at $125/year.  The proposal called for a balance budget of $19,690.  Michael moved approval of the budget as presented, seconded by Joe.  Motion carried.


Prez Karen said the Club will meet in September to discuss the charitable contributions budget, and suggested members tell their favorite organizations to get their requests for funding in soon.


President Karen said Josh, who had just joined our club and offered to serve as sergeant-at-arms, has had a job transfer, and will no longer be a member.  There is an opening for S-A-A.


Joe gave an update on the Rotary Park projects begun back in 2004/2005.  The Club has been raising money to construct and install restrooms near the park shelter, install lighting & electricity at the shelters and pave the parking area.  There is currently about $9,000 available for the project, and projections in 2005 set the budget at around $20,000.  There are concerns about the cost of the project, vandalism, winterization, handicap accessibility and how to control access for users.


The ballfield at Rotary Park is also in desperate need of work, including replacing the fence damaged in the May 2011 floods.  Carol said the City is applying for FEMA funding for the fence.  There was discussion about possibly applying for Semprebon Funds for the two projects, using students from the Barre Technical Center or the ReSource Youth Build programs, and the advantages of doing such a visible project that might help us attract new members.  Carol said she would work with Joe on the project and serve as the liaison with the City.


Carol gave an update on the Joint Service Club community service recognition dinner, which is scheduled for October 12th at the Canadian Club.  This year’s honorees have been selected, but she wouldn’t share the names until the honorees have been contacted and agreed to be honored.


President Karen shared a letter from a Rotarian (somewhere down south) who is the mother of an employee at Northern Power.  She was looking to see if any Barre Rotarians are associated with Northern Power, and can help her coordinate a project that would have Northern Power helping with alternative power sources in Haiti.  We all seemed confused by the letter, and suggested the best way to handle the request is to get her son to join the club, then he can work with his mom on the project.  Perhaps he’s not returning her phone calls…


Next week’s program is the annual visit from our District Governor.  This year’s DG is Marilyn Bedell.


Jack won the raffle, but no lucky marble.