Attached and below.  PLEASE NOTE – Next week’s meeting is an evening cook-out at Karl’s place.  There won’t be a lunch meeting.

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The Newsletter of the Barre Rotary Club

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Notes from August 22, 2012 meeting at The Hilltop

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August 29, 2012

Club Cook-out – NO LUNCH MEETING

Evening cookout at Karl’s

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September 5, 2012




The meeting began with the ringing of the bell, our usual song, pledging to the flag and a grace offered by Joe.  Lunch was roast pork, roasted potatoes, gravy, salad, rolls, etc.  There were 14 Barre Rotarians present.

Mario started right out with a Happy Dollar and a Sad Dollar.  The HD was because he’s “safely back from Portugal.”  An explanation is necessary.  His email was hacked, and many of us got a “tearful” message from him, saying he was stranded in Portugal and needed us to send him money.  Apparently this wasn’t true, it was a scam.  The SD is because his computer is now in the shop – and because nobody sent him any money.

After several minutes of conversation and munching, Roy proposed a fine of 1+1 ½ on everybody (including himself) who wasn’t wearing their Rotary pin.  Several of us tried to use other Rotary emblem-bearing devices to satisfy the criteria, but no go.  Bill N. added an amendment of an additional 1+1 ½ for those not wearing their name badge.  The amendment was determined to be an automatic fine.  The vote on the original fine passed and (almost) everybody dug out their quarters.

President Jim said the program committee wants Club feedback on inviting candidates as speakers.  The general consensus is to welcome them to speak.  There was reference to “Anything Goes” and our speaker for today knew that Cole Porter wrote the song.

“The Honorable” Roy, who is chairing the district committee working next year’s conference cruise, said there was an incentive to register early - $400 in cash.  The deadline for early registration was last week, and he asked our speaker to draw the winning ticket.  The winner is Rolf Somebody from the Woodsville/Wells River Club.  Congrats, Rolf!  There are still lots of opportunities to register, and additional cash prize drawings will be made over the next few months.  See Roy for more details and enjoy a Rotary cruise to Bermuda.

P. Jim said there’s no lunch meeting next week – Karl is hosting a “picnic” at his place in the evening.  More details will be forthcoming via email.

Roy proposed a fine of 1+9 on El Presidente for confusing a “picnic” with a “cook-out”.  After offering definitions of both, the fine didn’t pass.

Karl said the event (described as a “picnic”, “cook-out” and “orgy” will be at his place at 259 Taplin Rd in Barre Town (googlemaps for directions).  The evening will begin at 5:30 PM, but people are welcome to come out earlier – there’s a pool for swimming.  And there was some discuss as to whether the swimming might be clothing-optional.

Jack said he attended a performance of “The Importance of Being Earnest” last weekend at Quarryworks Theater in Adamant.  It brought back memories, as he played Algernon in college.

Sue offered the Secretary’s report and invited people to make introductions.  Roy introduced PDG Bill Thompson, and Bertil introduced Phil Gentile, who is now working at Barre Technical Center and is interested in working with the Club to start an Interact chapter at Spaulding.

Joe introduced our speaker:  Steve Taubman.  Steve is a former chiropractor, and currently working as a magician and hypnotist, along with motivational speaking.  Today’s topic was entitled “Get Off Your Butts” and was all about overcoming procrastination.  We used our interest in increasing membership as an example of a goal we’ve set for ourselves, but are not working towards.  Steve said there are 8 “flavors” of procrastination:

  1. Ignorance (lack of knowledge) – not sure how to accomplish a goal.
  2. Apathy (lack of hope)
  3. Momentum (lack of structure)
  4. Boredom (lack of focus)
  5. Rush addiction (lack of energy balance)
  6. Apprehension - 4 aphorisms
    1. Fear is an ice cube – not real, just a physical sensation
    2. Fear is fuel – turn fear into power
    3. Fear is a compass – points in the direction your mind is going
    4. Fear is a road map – use it to always have contingency plan
  7. Vagueness (lack of clarity)
  8. Emptiness (lack of caring)

Steve finished with his favorite quote:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

- Goethe

The Club thanked Steve for his interesting and empowering presentation.

After the meeting, Steve emailed me with some additional information and ways to contact him:

My website, for general info on who I am and what I do
The Procrastination Annihilation page for those interested in the upcoming course,
Free video training series for those who wanted more on the mindset of success,

Karl said he, Claire & Tess are the members of the Program Committee, and if we have ideas for programs, let them know.

Guest Phil Gentile held the winning ticket AND drew the clear marble!  He graciously and generously donated the proceeds to the Club.  Thanks, Phil!

Visit other local Rotary Clubs – it’s fun and counts as a make up!








12:15 PM

Capitol Plaza

Central Vermont


6:15 PM

The Steak House



7:15 AM

Waterbury Senior Center



7:15 AM

The Sugarbush Inn



12:15 PM

Grant’s Camp



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Senior Center