President Bill opened the meeting with 16 Rotarians and two guests present.

Tony Campos (you’ll read that name again here) got the ball rolling by proposing a fine of 1+9 on President Bill for noting that it was hot in the room and opening a window.   Tony said since Bill had just returned from Florida he shouldn’t have been warm, and by opening the window all of the food had cooled down to unacceptable levels (which as Past President Jim noted was not true, thus violating the 4-Way Test).   In spite of providing what appeared to be the perfect defense for said-President, PP Jim upheld the fine.

Tony C. then jumped to his feet again and proposed a fine of 1+9 on Sergeant-at-Arms Ted for not standing during the singing of our opening song.   Ted was, as Tony admitted, multi-tasking by singing while counting our meal money.    Ted stood to welcome Tony to the ranks of sergeants from this point forward.  The fine did not pass

Tony C. stood yet again (do we see a pattern here yet?) to propose a 1+4 fine on Claire (newly returned from the south herself) for advertising/soliciting business at the start of the meeting.   Claire owned up to the transgression and then happily peeled off several more happy/sad dollars for her wonderful trip, her return to Barre and several other occurrences which went un-recorded.

President Bill offered a happy dollar for his southern trip as well, noting in particular that his 10-year-old grandson’s Little League team in Miami defeated a team coached by Mike Lowell, former Red Sox third baseman and MVP of the 2007 World Series.  

Karl proposed a fine 1+4 on Tony C. (that name again) for referring to President Bill as Mr. President.   Tony said he could have called him much worse (as has been done before) and the fine passed. 

Jack Barnes gave a happy dollar for the Muscular Dystrophy walk he and his family were involved with in Massachusetts (walking inside the NE Patriots practice facility) and donned the shark’s head hat the team (The Sharks) wore.   He proudly noted the team raised over $5,000 for the cause.   Since Tony was fined for referring to PB as Mr. President, Karl offered a similar fine on Jack for referring to our leader as “acting president Bill”.   He paid.

Elizabeth updated the club on the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy) project.   She said she had been in touch with guidance officials at SHS to seek out interested students for the coming session in June.   The club will pay the cost of one SHS student to attend this summer.

President Bill updated the club on Roy’s continuing treatments, and that Roy has indicated that because of the length of his treatment he does not feel he will be up to serving again as president in July.   We all wish Roy a speedy recovery and return to Rotary as soon as he’s able.   The board will meet on April 16th at 11:00am to discuss our leadership path forward (Board Members:  please note this new information).

Zach Nelson, who has been proposed as a new member was in attendance, along with Catherine Nelson, visiting Rotarian from Rutland.   If no objections are filed, Zach will be formally asked to join the club next week.

Karl introduced our speaker, Mary Jane Magnant, co-owner of Wobby Jewelers in Barre.  She and her husband Paul have been running the family business since 2004 when her father Richard retired.   Richard started the business in 1971 when he bought the former D.C. Giannoni Jewelry store.   Mary Jane’s mother Joanne went into the business with Dick and studied at home to become a gemologist.   She completed the 8-year course in 5-years, while raising five children.   Mary Jane has since followed a similar course herself to become certified in diamond appraisal, insurance appraisals and other related fields.

The business moved one door up No. Main Street to its current location in 1984.   Her husband Paul joined the business in 1988 when Mary Jane’s brother Dick, Junior left to open his own business in Montpelier.

Mary Jane said what she enjoys most about the business is meeting people.   “I love getting up in the morning and going in to work and see the people we deal with everyday.”    She added that having diamonds in the showcases is also a nice bonus!

She said one aspect of the business that many people don’t know about is that they sell clocks and also do watch repairs.

Mary Jane said she was very proud that a third generation of Wobby family members will enter the business soon when her son joins the company in May as a bench jeweler, like her husband Paul.

Mary Jane pulled the winning ticket which belonged to Bertil, who had no luck in finding the white marble.