Granite Chips 8/13/14

By:  Zach Nelson


August President Susan starts off our meeting.

The Club recognized several wedding anniversaries from members for the month of August.

Guests- We were pleased to welcome in this weeks Rotary, David and Karen Nixon. The couple are long time Rotary members from the Pensacola, FL. David and Karen are visiting the central VT area to participate in a community project that helps home owners improve the efficiency of heating during the winter months. They were presented with the Barre Rotary flag to bring back with them.

President Susan then presented the 2014-2015 administrative budget for the club to discuss or modify. The budget was taken to a vote and passed by the members in attendance.

The main focus in this week’s meeting was to decide upon several community-based projects that Rotary could participate in throughout the year. This will provide the club with a better outline of projects, allowing us to prepare accordingly for them. Hopefully we have chosen enough to keep us active for some time to come! The following is a brief summary of the projects voted upon for the next year:

            -Tony Campos will produce a monthly Rotary show that will highlight what we do for the community.

            -A mentoring program in one of the elementary schools in Barre. Once a week a member will enter the school and help a student with their everyday activities.

            -Place an editorial in local publications asking the community which projects they would like to see Rotary get involved with.

            -Raise money to purchase Dictionaries and Atlas’ that will than be handed out to 3rd graders at local elementary schools.

            -Like in past years, members will participate to help with Green Up Day…..ON Green Up Day           

            -Clear out river front area of the Vermont Granite Museum, so that visitors will be able to enjoy the space better.           

            -Last but certainly not least, Claire’s Walking/Talking trash group. The group meets every week to clean up garbage in Barre.

Starting immediately the club will be taking donations to help offset the costs of the dictionaries/atlas’ that we plan on giving to students around the holidays.

Hope to see you all next week. Have a great weekend!