Posted by Karl A. Rinker on Dec 06, 2017
The Barre Rotary Club recently held their weekly meeting at the new DOWNSTREET HOUSING & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT building on Keith Ave. in Barre.

About Downstreet

Founded in 1987, Downstreet Housing & Community Development was originally known as Central Vermont Community Land Trust. As our scope of work and services expanded beyond the stewardship of land associated with resident-owned homes, it became necessary to update our name to more accurately reflect our organizations’ goals and services. Downstreet is a Vermont colloquialism referring to the center of the community or the heart of the community, sometimes used in place of “downtown.” Downstreet Housing & Community Development strives to enrich the hearts of communities throughout Central Vermont, whether they are located in the town or the country. We are headquartered “downstreet” in Barre. Downstreet’s staff of 24 full-time employees and 3 part-time employees create opportunities for long-term, safe and decent housing and create strong and diverse communities throughout Central Vermont.

Downstreet has established a new “Green Team” to formalize the organization’s efforts to improve and expand environmentally responsible practices in all lines of business, to educate residents on green practices within their homes and to promote green living in all of the properties in our portfolio.

Part of what makes a house or apartment truly “home” is the nature of the surrounding community in which it is located. Downstreet builds strong communities through a genuine interest in the perceived needs of residents, which guides us in our community development projects.

Downstreet addresses the shortage of affordable housing and the housing affordability gap for low and moderate income residents, in part, through rental properties. All of our apartments include heat, hot water, trash and snow removal, as well as 24 hour emergency maintenance.

Executive Director, Eileen Pelletier does a great job telling us all about it.