Posted by Jim Catone and Caroline Earle
Outgoing president Eddie Rousse makes a big splash on his way out!
The annual changeover dinner took place on June 24th, 2020 at Karl and Charlene Rinker's back deck with fewer attendees then in previous years. 
Most folks took advantage of the Delicate Decadence stuffed chicken dinner option and ate while observing social distance.
Caroline gave the invocation expressing gratitude for Rotary and it good works citing local, national and international accomplishments.
After dinner we all had cake for desert.
Outgoing president Eddie Rousse made the following comments in his opening remarks;
"Today John Steinman becomes the 99th president of The Barre Rotary Club. Thus I will forever be known as #98.
I just want to share with you the warm feeling to be a part of my Hometown Rotary Club. It's been a treat, an honor and a privilege to be connected with so many positive attitudes and people of action. It makes it easy to carry out Service Above Self deeds and projects in the manor that we do.
When looking back on the past 12 months, I am proud and humbled by many of the things that were accomplished. See list below.
I think we touched a lot of lives and we did it the right way, fiscally responsible and leaving incoming president John with ample resources to move forward."
This is a list of some of the accomplishments, 
smileySpeech Contest at The SHS LUNCHBOX cafeteria.
smileyDictionaries and Atlases delivered to Barre City Elementary school, Barre Town Elementary School, Websterville Baptist School, Orange and Washington Elementary schools.
smileyPrimed and painted parts of The Summer Street Mural and installed that magnificent pierce of art last fall. The mural was completely washed this spring.
smileyFixed up the upper floor of The Wheelock House for DCF, UW and FCWC to store much needed clothing and other items.
smileyDonated food to The Good Samaritan Haven.
smileyPlanted a tree at Rotary Park in memory of Gladys Agell with the help from SHS/CVCC students.
smileySupported The American Legion and Delectate Decadence with weekly meetings and lunches.
smileyHeld a New Years fundraiser at Maruzzi's for FCWC.
smileySeveral of us saw the presentation of club member George Milne's 60 years of closet composing.
smileyDonated $15,360.00 to The Aldrich Public Library.
smileyParticipated to The "World Gift Wrap" project and supported The Vermont Granite Museum.
smileyHad club visits to Bill Rossi and Homer Fits in care homes.
smileyInitiated Zoom meetings immediately after the Covid 19 Pandemic stopped us from having regular meetings.
Outgoing president Eddie then made presentations to the directors with gift certificates.
Ed makes a presentation to Ted.
Ed makes a presentation to Karl.
Ed makes a presentation to Caroline.
John presents Ed with a nice gift that Eddie can use for golf!
Ed then passed the gavel to incoming president Dr. John Steinman.
John made closing comments to the club.