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Interact to Plant Trees

After rituals and helping ourselves to a meatloaf dinner buffet, Nicole introduced our guests, members of Spaulding’s Interact Club and the advisor: Charlotte Young, President; Logan Kelley, Vice President; Abigail Linheim, Secretary; and Margo Austin, Advisor. They reported on a National project called Tree Plenish whose aim is to offset carbon emissions by planting trees in the community based on approximations of school paper usage. Members of the community request trees to be planted in their yards which helps to create sustainability since the trees are cared for by homeowners. The Interact Club numbers 10-15 members who will work on the project. Caroline suggested that candy bars left over from the drive-in concession inventory be donated to Spaulding Interact for a fundraiser. Motion made, seconded and passed. Rotarians suggested ways that members of Interact could become involved in other activities: Meals-on-Wheels; weeding the flower gardens adjacent to the Reynolds House; and international projects and service opportunities offered through Norwich. 

Coffers Filled with Happiness

Nicole offered five Happy Dollars: for our four guests being here and another thanking Bruce’s for his efforts for making arrangements for a Rotary After Dark event at Twin City Lanes, probably in November. The one in February will be Paint and Sip at the Aldrich.

Doug gave one because his back keeps improving. Tom expressed how good it was at having Doug at our meetings although Doug had to remind him that he was an honorary member. A fellow Rotarian shamed Tom to accompany his kind remarks about Doug with a Happy Dollar. He dutifully complied. 

Since Last We Met

Club Anniversaries:

Sandy Rousse  9 years  Oct. 3

Joe Shadroui    3 years  Oct. 3

On this day in history:

Babe Ruth sets a world series record by hitting 3 home runs in the fourth game of the series.

1961 President Kennedy urges Americans to build bomb shelters.

Second Time Around

Karl talked about the fundraiser associated with Wheels for Warmth. Tom Luzon won the bids on the three Phil Scott’s cars at the auction and has donated them to be raffled off. Tickets are $20 and if Barre Rotarians sell 500, we will receive half the proceeds for our Club and Wheels for Warmth the other half. He has tickets and posters for members to sell and distribute. He is looking for volunteers to sell tickets at the Vermont Milk Bowl at Thunder Road on October 16-17. Let him know if you can help out.

Hold Out Your Pinky 

Caroline announced that October 24 is World Polio Day and suggested setting up a table downtown and having “a paint the pinky purple” fundraiser. More later.

A Brief Oktoberfest Debrief 

Tom gave a report on the Octoberfest event which was held at the Granite Museum last Saturday. Food was well received and those attending enjoyed the oompapa music provided by Inselduler. Attendance was less than expected and reasons were discussed including weather and location. Further discussion will take place in the future. 


Until next time, that's all folks,,,,