Posted by Caroline Earle
Joe Shadroui & PP, Tom Babic Clown Around With Their Goodies!
Barre Rotary continued its long established tradition of greening up the Barre area on Saturday, May 30th.  Rotarians Bob Pope, Joe Preddy, Ted Goulette, Joe Shadroui, Nicole DiDomenico, Caroline Earle, and helpers Ari Jorgenson and Barb Tomasi-Gay fanned out to pick up trash on VT-14 surrounding Hope Cemetery, along the railroad tracks near Depot Square and Enterprise Alley, as well as in a particularly challenging area between the old Bonacorsi & Sons building and Trow & Holden Co.  Finds of the year included a small tv under a train car and a toy sword, which our Rotarians could not seem to put down.  All trash was deposited in the dumpsters behind city hall.  Thanks to all who helped our city shine a little greener this past weekend!
PP, Caroline Earle, Ari Jorgeson & Joe Shadroui with Nicole Didomenico Green Up.
Ted Goulette & Bob Pope Ham It Up With Some Of The Goodies They Found!