Posted by Karl A. Rinker on Jan 10, 2021
The following artists are decorating old 32, Ford, Three Window Coupes that raced at Thunder Road in the 60's and late model cars that race their today.
They have spent many, many hours researching the history, the drivers, the colors & the details of the cars and then of course, decorating them!
Some artists were asked to decorate their art item with a certain theme requested by the sponsor and others just let their creative juices flow!
You can see them with their art item before they decorated it and when they are done with the completed item.
The picture at the top left is of the # 76 car with the driver, Henry Montandon and the owner, lloyd Hutchins. Hutchins provided the refurbished car for us to make the models.
Pete Ainsworth - A1 Graphics with # 14, Phil Scott's 2019 Car. Click here to see artist interview.
Pete Ainsworth - A1 Graphics with # 5X Bobby Therrien & # 14 Phil Scott Car.
Pete Ainsworth - A1 Graphics with # 51 Lil" Joey Car.
Like a lot of other kids growing up in Central Vermont, I started going to the Thunder Road with my family at a young age. I was intrigued by the speed and flair of the cars. With my family involved with several race teams, I became a permanent fixture at Thunder Road. At the age of 13, I was able to combine my passion for racing and art together lettering local drivers’ cars. In 1999, I turned my hobby into my career and started A-1 Graphics. For over 20 years, I have been dedicated to bringing high quality work at a fair price to racers along with businesses throughout our state.
My connection to Thunder Road is not only on a business level, it’s also on a personal level. As soon as I became old enough to drive, my family and I started our own race team competing for approximately 20 years in the Street Stock and Flying Tiger divisions. Soon after I hung up my helmet, I was asked to trade it in for another seat, driving the tracks pace car.
Whether you have a race car or local business, you can be assured that my commitment continues to be making your image stand out among the crowd. 
Chris Ford with # 13, Ronnie Marvins car.
I've lived in Barre my whole life. I graduated from Vermont Technical College in 1980 and became a draftsman for Lane Sawmills, at the former Smith, Whitcomb, and Cook Co. As a hobby, and for extra spending money, I worked on and began lettering race cars. By 1983, it became a lucrative side business. In 1985 I went completely on my own in the sign trade. Through the late 80's and into the early 90's, well before computers were of any real assistance, I would hand letter 30 to 40 race cars in a season, at my peak.
As vinyl took over, more people started in the business. The prestige of a sign man began to wear off. I fell back into my craftsmanship roots and currently find my niche in the design and manufacture of quality signs. These days I only do a handful of race cars. However, I've had the good fortune to have hand lettered several restored coupes. Most, for the Lloyd Hutchins collection and Paul Zamperi, of which includes the #13 Ronny Marvin car.
Ronnie Marvin driver of the # 13 car.
Jan Avery with # 76, Henry "The Frozen Logger" Montandon's car.     CLICK ON CAR PICTURE TO SEE ORIGINAL RACE CAR.
I grew up in Castleton, VT and started drawing and painting as a young child, this began my lifelong interest in art. I became fascinated with
different media and subjects. After a spending time rearing my family and pursuing my nursing career, I began to get serious with art. I studied reverse glass painting and watercolor with Bernadette Eddy. I have received training at The Fletcher Farm School in Ludlow and have studied with many accomplished artists.
I traveled to Provence, France in 1992 for two weeks worth of classes. I loved the landscapes and townships we were able to paint while touring
the region. I have participated in summer workshops and weekly art classes in the spring and fall.
I am a Palletteers member and past president. I currently serve as a board member. I am a signature member of the Vermont Watercolor
Society, Northern Vermont Artists (NVA) and the Art Resource. Association (ARA). CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ARTIST VIDEO.
Paul Mascitti with an unfinished car.
Paul with the # 99, Cody Blake & the # 61 Joey Laquerre Jr, cars.
My family's Barre roots go back to the very early 1900's when my great grandfather migrated here from Italy to start his own granite business. He was especially good at carving roses by hand out of granite and, at $25 a piece, that became his focus until his untimely passing in the 1940's. With my grandfather and father also working within the granite industry, it seemed to make sense that I would follow suit. While spending time learning monumental drafting, I just couldn't keep my mind away from my true passion: designing race cars! - I loved looking at the fantastic race car lettering that local guys like Chris Ford, Orton Patch and the Lefleche family over in Graniteville did for racers in the region, and I like to think I still draw inspiration from them even today! Mascitti Brothers was born when my brother and I noticed a local need for a reliable source for office, truck, and motor sports vinyl lettering where the customer could tell the company was interested in fulfilling their needs to their liking no matter how small. Click here to see artist interview.
Cody Blake with the # 99 car after taking the checkered flag at Thunder Road. Click here to see artist interview.
Kiniry, Linda with # 76 Henry "The Frozen Logger" Montandon's care & the # 15, Posh car. PLEASE CLICK ON PICTURE ABOVE TO SEE ORIGINAL RACE CAR!
I grew up in Vermont and only start painting as an adult.  I enjoy painting with multiple mediums.  When I am working, I totally lose time and myself in the creative process.   Bernadette Eddy was my earliest mentor.  She taught me Eglomise or Reverse Glass Painting and Faberge' styled eggs.  Later I took many workshops and classes at galleries, art organizations and attended Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts.
I enjoy working with watercolor, acrylic, oils and pastels.  Most of my present work is in pastels and oils.  I work with my husband in our Arts and Carving business, decorating Santas that are carved from cypress trees.  I enjoy the challenge of working with the shapes that mother nature has given us.
I am a member of the Paletteers, Vermont Hand Crafters, Vermont Pastel Society, SPA and the Wood Art gallery. I served twice as president and many years on the board of the Paletteers, six years on the Vermont Hand Crafters board and a board member at large for the Vermont Pastel Society.
My work has been shown in The Chandler, The Chaffee Art gallery, The Governor's Office, The Bryant Art Gallery, Studio Place Arts, T.W. Wood Gallery and many years at the Barre Heritage Festival.  I have been fortunate to have my work recognized and receive awards in many of these shows. 62 Cassie Street, Barre, VT 05641 - 802.479.9563 - (Linda is decorating two Coupes.) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ARTIST INTERVIEW WITH POSH. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ARTIST INTERVIEW WITH THE # 76 CAR, HENRY MONTANDON.
Montandon won the Mid Season Championship in 1960 & a Labor day Classic in 1963.
Cecchinelli, Giuliano Cecchinelli with Crawler Coupe.
Kate Duffy with # 51, Russ Ingerson car.
Kate Duffy is an Early American decorator. Her expertise is in stenciling, country painting, theorem and gold leaf decoration. For over 40 years, her art has been a hobby. A school teacher by profession, her art background has consisted of studying techniques of painting, stenciling and free hand bronzing used in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. In particular, the goal is to replicate those colors and techniques, honoring the originals as a guide. Kate is an active member of the Historical Society of Early American Decorators. While painting a 1932 coupe is a bit of a stretch it is, after all, an antique. Click here to see the artist interview.
Russel Ingerson "The Wild Child" Taking the checkered flag. From 1960 through 1965 Ingerson one 7 feature races at Thunder Road.
He also won a Memorial Day Classic &  Milk Bowl!
Melody Harvey with # 51, Russ Ingerson Car.
Melody Harvey is a native Vermonter who currently lives in Barre.  A self- taught artist who has explored many mediums which include acrylics, oils, paper mache, granite and glass etching, pencil, pen and ink, pastel, as well as watercolor.  Melody is mainly a landscape artist who applies acrylic paint on  canvas to create striking and vivid works while sometimes adding wildlife.  She also enjoys painting on windows for local businesses and mural art by commission. 
Melody Harvey
21 Highland Ave apt. #6
Barre, VT. 05641
Melody Harvey with # 51, Russ Ingerson Car.
Melody Harvey is a native Vermonter who currently lives in Barre.  A self- taught artist who has explored many mediums which include acrylics, oils, paper mache, granite and glass etching, pencil, pen and ink, pastel, as well as watercolor.  Melody is mainly a landscape artist who applies acrylic paint on  canvas to create striking and vivid works while sometimes adding wildlife.  She also enjoys painting on windows for local businesses and mural art by commission. 
Melody Harvey
21 Highland Ave apt. #6
Barre, VT. 05641
(802)461-3617                                    Click here to see the artist interview.
81 Year Old Russ Ingerson, dubbed "The Wild Child" by Ken Squire back in the day at Thunder Road with one of the models of his original car after autographing it.
# 51 Russ Ingerson with the checkered flag at Thunder Road after a big win.
Ann Hutchins with Midnight Coupe.
I have always loved to create, whether it was art class, interior design and establishing Lajeunesse Interiors in 1980, personal landscape design work, floral design, quilting and more recently learning a variety of historic early American decorating techniques that are painted on trays to furniture.  It is always fun to learn something new and keep the creative process going. Being a part of the BARRE ART SPLASH is very exciting, painting a coupe as an artistic design will be challenging and at the same enjoyable to create. To see live interview, click here.

Prudy Burnes with the # 50 Larry Granger car.

I was fortunate enough to be born in Barre, Vt and lived in or close-by my entire life. 
I attended Goddard College, studying art and other interesting subjects; but am primarily self-taught as an artist. Painting has been a focus for me as far back as I can remember. 
For nearly thirty years, I was self-employed as an etcher in the Barre granite industry. It was a privilege and an honor to work with some of the finest artists and artisans, continuing a history that also honored my family heritage. Over that time period, over 10,000 pieces were produced. Often creating the single most important piece of art purchased by these families and communities to commemorate loved ones or historic, life-changing events. 
My paintings have been exhibited and collected throughout New England, NY, Martha's Vineyard and Ireland. 
I am currently working in acrylics, watercolor and oil. 
I chose the #50 coupe to paint because I knew Larry Granger and his family. He was an original in more ways than one, there at Thunder Road's gutsy beginnings. And to quote an old Irish saying-lithe likes of them will never be seen again".
Larry Granger, Driver of The # 50 Car. He won a Mid Season Championship in 
Jim Thompson with Thunder Tiger
Jim Thompson is an educator, musician and artist who has lived most of his life in Montpelier, Vermont.  His unique kites are a wonder to see: a menagerie of beasts and birds and an occasional human.  Although he made a few kites in the early 70’s, it wasn’t until March of 2011 that he took up the craft in earnest after a neck injury left him out of work and unable to perform music.  Since then, he and his kites have been featured in many publications, on radio, and on WCAX TV’s “Made in Vermont” segment.  Two of his kites were featured in an exhibit of kites from around the world at the Eretz Museum in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Gerry Osterman with # 13, Ronnie Marvin car.
Born and raised in Oregon, Graduated from New England Conservatory of Music in 1970, Worked as a musician in Indiana, Attended Indiana University and became  a licensed CPA, Moved to Vermont in 1983, Worked as a CPA in Central Vermont for over 30 years, Retired from accounting in 2016, Mentored in drawing, painting and sculpture by Janice Walrafen, Charles Woodard, Don Heuerman, Linda Kiniry and others. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ARTIST INTERVIEW.
Ronnie Matvin in the real # 13 car taking the checkered flag after wining one of the many races he one as a racer! From 1960 through 1965 Marvin one 17 feature races at Thunder Road!