Working Communities Challenge (WCC)
Oct 13, 2021
Elaine Toohey, Green Mountain United Way
Working Communities Challenge (WCC)

Elaine will share information about the Working Communities Challenge project and where we are now in working with head of household women living in poverty in the Greater Barre area, obtain, maintain and/or advance in their employment. 

Their vission/mission is;

Increasing economic mobility and overall well-being for Greater Barre Area head-of-household women experiencing financial instability, through aligned coordination of employment support

Elaine (Eli) Toohey was born in and spent her formative years in Barre. Her career has been rooted in community development, advocacy and dedication to meaningful, mission-driven work. Much of her personal and professional experience revolves around celebrating our shared humanity by bringing people together to form connections that strengthen and inspire addressing our challenges. Specifically, as Executive Director of Another Way, a community Center, in Montpelier, Eli developed a large network supporting many who have experiences of homelessness, substance misuse disorder, psychiatric distress, poverty and other aspects of trauma causes and contributors. While at Another Way, Eli was Project Director for a large-scale renovation of the facilities to better accommodate the needs of the community that had “fallen through the cracks”.


Her work has also included financial literacy and economic stability as a path to overall well-being, for individuals, families and communities at Capstone Community Action. Building whole communities, where everyone can thrive and have their needs met, is the vision that drives her. 


Eli has lived experience akin to many she now advocates for, having experienced homelessness, recovery from substance misuse disorder, complex PTSD and psychiatric distresses. 


Eli lives in Montpelier with her family. 

She can be reached at; or 802.917.2740