Jan 16, 2019
Michael Birnbaum


Michael is GM and a principal owner of Cloud Alliance, central Vermont’s own fixed wireless ISP since 2005. He recently launched Kingdom Fiber, a fiber-optic ISP serving the NEK. He is Plainfield’s delegate to the CVFiber Communications Union District—a municipality founded to bring advanced broadband to 15 central Vermont towns. Before he worked in telecom, Michael was a VISTA volunteer in Chicago, a student at Cornell Engineering and Goddard, a potter in Greece, and a carpenter and snow plower. Retiring after 30 years as a rural letter carrier in Barre and union steward for Vermont, he found no company would bring internet to his home in Plainfield. He joined a community effort, which, long story short, led to his next career. Michael understands that communication and the infrastructure to facilitate it, is the key to economic and cultural vitality. His mission is to reverse the shrinking and aging trajectory of Vermont’s population. It’s personal—his three children love Vermont but left for better opportunities. When he's not working (too much) or hanging with his wife (too little), Michael likes to race small sailboats on Champlain and around the country.