Hearing Loss and the danger of loud noise
May 13, 2020 12:00 PM
Monique Hammond
Hearing Loss and the danger of loud noise

Monique is a registered pharmacist who lost her hearing in her left ear from a loud band at a church fundraiser 10 years ago.  The incident became a life-changer.  She had quit her job at at the University Hospital Pharmacy.

After losing hearing, she did 5 years of research and wrote the book: What Did You Say?  An unexpected Journey into the World of Hearing Loss (now in the 2nd Edition).

Monique was appointed by the Governor to the Commission of Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard-of-Hearing Minnesotans, where she completed two terms as vice-chair.  She is also past president of the Twin Cities'Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America.  Monique speaks regularly to employees and the members of the public about Hearing Loss and dangers of loud noise.

Website and blog: https://hearing-loss-talk.com/