PHF's as of 1/20/2023
Pictured at right is the founder of Rotary, Paul Harris when he was a student at The University of Vermont in 1886.
So, what is a Paul Harris Fellow?

Think for a moment of this statement: "A Paul Harris Fellow means whatever you want it to mean." Should The Rotary Foundation accept a US$1000 contribution as a way to honor a person for exceptional service? Certainly!

Should The Rotary Foundation accept a gift of US$1000 as an expression of happiness for 20 years of marriage, or a new grandchild, or success in one's vocation or family life? Certainly!

Should The Rotary Foundation accept a US$1000 contribution in memory of a friend, relative or associate who has been an important asset to your life? Certainly!

Should The Rotary Foundation accept US$1000 if you really believe in the tremendous value of the humanitarian work of TRF in developing parts of the world and thereby express appreciation for your gift by naming you a Paul Harris Fellow or multi-PHF? Absolutely!

So, I suggest that a Paul Harris Fellow can mean whatever you wish it to mean. The Rotary Foundation benefits from your contribution and demonstrates this appreciation through the mechanism of a Paul Harris Fellow.

That is the way I see it.
Cliff Dochterman, Rotary International President 1992-93
All time giving by the Barre, VT Club, $289,371.00 as of January 6, 2024.   
  Agell, Bertil Y
Aja, Lucille
Agell, Bertil
+ Akley, Gordon E. N PHF
  Akley, Norman E. N PHF+1
+ Allen, Loren H N PHF
+ Allen, Robert C N PHF
  Anderson, Dorothy R. N PHF
+ Averill, C Weston N PHF
  Babic, Linda N PHF
  Babic, Thomas A Y PHF+3
+ Barnes, John J. N PHF+8
  Barnes, Kathleen M N PHF+2
+ Bellavance, Joseph N PHF
+ Benedini, Doris N PHF
+ Bergeron, Robert A. N PHF
+ Bixby, Gerald A N PHF
+ Blow, Garth N PHF
  Blow, Jeffrey A. N PHF
  Blow, Keith J N PHF
Blow, Marion
Blow, Robert G.
  Blow, Sharon D N PHF
+ Bonacorsi, Mario Anthony N PHF+1
+ Briggs, Chester N PHF
+ Bryant, Norman N PHF
Butler, Gordon
Campos, Tony
+ Campbell, Elizabeth N PHF
+ Campbell, Laurence N PHF
  Cate, Richard H. N PHF+1
  Catone, James Y PHF +2
  Chatot, Judee J N PHF
  Chatot, Jules J N PHF
+ Chatot, Jules N PHF
  Churchill, Winston M Y PHF
+ Collins, Alice M. N PHF
+ Collins, Chellis H N PHF
+ Collins, Donald O. N PHF+1
+ Couillard, Albert H N PHF
  Croteau, Sharon N PHF+1
+ Cummings, Langdon S N PHF
+ Damore, John N PHF
Dawes, Carolyn S.
Didomenico Nicole
+ Duke, Claire Y PHF+5
  Dunn, Christian M. N PHF
  Dunn, Justin N PHF
  Earle, Caroline N PHF +3
+ Fitts, Alice D N PHF
+ Fitts, Doris P N PHF
+ Fitts, Edna Royle N PHF
+ Fitts, Harold N PHF
+ Fitts, Homer R. N PHF
+ Fitts, Lisa N PHF
  Fitts, Ryan N PHF
  Gagne, John Peter N PHF
  Gallo, Bonnie K. N PHF
  Gardner, John J. Y PHF
+ Gillander, Richard W N PHF
  Gillis, James S. N PHF
  Goulette, Barbara N PHF
  Goulette, Theodore F. Y PHF+4
+ Hale, T. Murdock N PHF
+ Haynes, Cora B. N PHF
+ Haynes, Edward T. N PHF
  Hedberg, William M. N PHF+2
+ Hoag, James H N PHF
  Huskes, Richard W N PHF
+ Kelley, Maurice L N PHF
  Kimball, Eleanor S. N PHF
  Kimball, Philip C. N PHF
  Knox, Paul B. N PHF
  Lacroix, Jr., Louis A. N PHF
Lane, Karen E.
Lannen, Mike
  LaPerle, Elizabeth Y PHF+2
  Lauzon, Thomas J. N PHF
+ LeRoy, Floyd N PHF
+ Lord, Robert N PHF
+ Losasso, Frank N PHF
+ Macleod, Jr., Leslie J N PHF
  McGinley, Raymond N PHF
+ Melkonian Md, Arsen N PHF
+ Miller, Albert A N PHF
+ Miller, Jr., Hal C. N PHF+5
+ Miller, Helene A N PHF
+ Miller/III, III, Hal C N PHF
  Milne, George D. Y PHF+8
+ Milne, George E N PHF
  Monti, Harry S. N PHF+1
  Morton, Leanne M. N PHF
+ Murray, L Russell N PHF
  Newhouse, Jr., Arthur N N PHF
  Nicholls, John F. N PHF+3
  Noyes, Diane N PHF
  Noyes, William A. N PHF
  O'Hara, Kevin N PHF
  Parnigoni, Mary Anne N PHF
+ Parnigoni, Richard F N PHF+3
+ Parnigoni, Ronald L. Y PHF+8
  Partlow, Deborah J. N PHF+2
+ Perry, Joseph G N PHF
  Poczobut, Susan M. Y PHF+1
  Pope, Robert L. Y PHF+6
  Preddy, Joseph P. Y PHF+2
+ Reid, Howard H N PHF
  Reilly, John N PHF
+ Reynolds, Ernest V N PHF
  Rinker, Charlene N PHF+8
  Rinker, Karl A. Y PHF+8
  Rossi, Diane B. N PHF+2
Rossi, William L.
Rousse, Edmond
  Rousse, Sandy Y PHF
+ Sarzanini, Bruno N PHF
  Semprebon, Thomas N PHF
+ Setien, Valentino N PHF
+ Shadroui, Richard M. Y PHF+2
Somaini, Roy C.
Steinman, John F.
  Sullivan, William P. N PHF
  Taylor, Therese N PHF
  Treon, Mark N PHF
+ Turner, Roy W N PHF
  Vecchiarelli, Amber N PHF
+ Walker, Joel H. N PHF
  Ward, Donal N PHF
  Welch, Charles N PHF
+ Wells, Obel H. N PHF+2
  Wells, Pauline N PHF
+ Wheelock, David R N PHF
+ Wheelock, Raymond H N PHF
+ Wheelock, Rosemary C N PHF
+ Deceased