Posted by John Steinman
Thank you to the generous people of the City of Barre!  For two hours on Saturday September 5th, eleven Rotarians braved traffic to raise funds for multiple community service projects.  Using collection baskets on loan from St. Monica’s and clad in mask, gloves and yellow Rotary safety vests, Rotarians happily greeted and thanked those who supported out mission. 
Rotarians Nicole DiDomenico and Co-secretary Lauren Polk manned the sidewalks north and south of the American Legion holding “COIN-DROP” Signs, while Karl Rinker and Joe Shadroui attended to South bound cars and Tony Campos and Bob Pope covered those heading north.  Support staff and coin counters included Co-secretary Bruce Fischer, President John Steinman, Joe Preddy, Lindsey Lozier and a cameo from club treasurer Ted Goelette.
The Rotary wheel came out of storage. After the coin drop the wheel went up to the BOR for the Sunday night free movie.
Lauren Polk waves at cars announcing the drop ahead.
Nicole DiDomenico & Bruce Fischer wave to motorists.
Lindsey Lozier & Joe Shadroui collect.
Bob Pope & Tony Campos collect.
Joe Shadroui & Karl A. Rinker Collect.