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District 7850
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Good Works and Support

Editor’s Note 
In my opinion the content of our virtual meeting has taken a different tack, combining reports of good work efforts and an opportunity to see,hear and support one another. Therefore, you will see a change from a sequential report of the meeting to one that is topical and person oriented.
Since I was unable to join the meeting via Zoom or my iphone, this bulletin was generated based on a recording of the meeting. The recording started with Ted giving an update of the mask procurement. Two hundred masks have been shipped and will arrive about April 26th. We will apply for a thousand dollar district grant and order more masks for the future once the grant has been received. Louisa is working with Ted at the district level and coordinating efforts. 
Joining Meetings Problem
There was a discussion with Nicole not being able to join the meeting, centering on the  same problem that I had experienced. We both received a message: “This meeting is for internal only. Please sign in with the company account to join.” Nicole eventually figured it out. I didn’t.
The Rouse Report  
  • President Eddie said that Caroline, as part of Barre mutual aid, had reported that John had been called into service  to deal with a dental issue. John explained that it was mainly advising on one of the Governor’s Covid-19 policies. Only dental procedures that are life threatening can be addressed in the office. He gave examples and this policy was not one of them. 
  • President Eddie reported that District 7850 will apply for a $25,000 Covid-19 District Grant from Rotary International.
  • President Eddie asked Bob about the effects of the pandemic on the granite industry. Some essential operations are ongoing, but minimally. He has made a request to Governor Scott to be considered in resuming additional operations as soon as feasible since they can meet socially distant requirements.
Since Last We Met
Birthdays : John Steinman         April 9
Butch Churchill       April 10
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Wedding Anniversaries:
Club Anniversaries: Carol Dawes   April 9     23 years

Lest We Forget: From The Bulletin April 13, 1931:

Rotary is encircling the world, not because of “Service,” but because of friendship which finds expression through service and understanding. What gives Rotary its innate power is the instinctive friendliness that comes out of Rotary relationships.

On this day in history: 1947, Jackie Robinson becomes the first African American player in Major League baseball

1912 The Titanic sinks.


The Tony Express

  • Tony expressed his feeling that he looked forward to Wednesday’s meetings and that it was great to see everyone.

  • Tony reported that he and President Eddie had a “meeting” with the Director of the Barre Partnership. She was informed that we will reschedule the Annual Rotary Breakfast, but it remains unclear about the same for the Heritage Festival.

  • Tony said that he liked something to focus on and that we are doing good things. He feels that these meetings are “healing from the soul.”

  • Tony suggested taking a walk in Hope Cemetery for peace and inspiration.


Other Topics and Conversations

  • Elizabeth updated us on RYLA. This year’s conference has been cancelled.  Sophomores and juniors will participate together at next year’s conference. 

  • The discussion regarding alternatives to the Annual Rotary Breakfast resurfaced. The raffle was suggested again as was a virtual calcutta. It was pointed out that a virtual calcutta would benefit a local business.

  • Ted relayed a story that took place on his usual Saturday morning trip to the post office when, shortly after, he was involved in a car accident with a woman who was texting while driving. Joining the conversation were President Eddie, Joe, Bob and Tony with comments and questions.

  • Until next time, that’s all folks…...

Club Information
We no longer meet at The Legion, 320 North Main Street, Barre, VT, 802.479.9058. Until further notice we only meet online. For more information please click here to contact President Rousse.
Apr 29, 2020
May 27, 2020
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