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Rounds and a River
Fines and Happy Dollars: Round I
With rituals complete, thirteen of us sat down to the usual lunch. Tony, of course, was first on his feet to garner the attention of President Caroline and asked her to pass the gavel. He then proposed a fine of one-and-nine for not following protocol and fining him since he missed the opening rituals because he was on the phone. She was shocked that he would propose a fine for her kindness and goodwill in overlooking the infraction. Fine passed. Kristin, our newest member, offered a Happy Dollar because she’s headed for Florida and a self-fine for missing the next two weeks. Karl announced that George’s brother has slipped into a coma. Liane gave a Happy Dollar for her successful leading of last week’s meeting.
Earle’s Pearls
President Caroline announced that we still need blood donors for the upcoming blood drive. She also reported that a zoning permit for the Summer Street restoration has been submitted and that she will be attending a hearing on such on April 5th. She also talked about expressing your passion in Rotary fundraising and service projects. At the next Club Assembly members will be asked to reveal their passions as they relate to Rotary.
Messages from Martinelli
Liane gave another Happy Dollar for making it down her driveway without hitting her husband’s work van and another one for the weekend NEPETS training that she attended with President Caroline. She had a chance to develop goals for her term as president next year. She also asked members to think about whether or not we want to commit our efforts to the Annual Rotary Ball again. She said that the price of the ticket needs to be raised, probably to $150 per couple. Also, every Rotarian would have to sell four tickets. The decision to commit will be made in the next few weeks.
More Fines: Round II
Tony rose again to fine all present, except Dick, for “not nailing” him for taking a phone call. Sue came to defense of the group by asking rhetorically, “Are we to focus only on Tony?” Dick interjected that he wanted to be included as part of the fine. Liane proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Tony for excluding Dick. Tony defended his action by claiming he excluded Dick out of respect. The second fine passed. Not sure what happened to Tony’s original.
Secretary’s Report
Sue announced birthdays and anniversaries:
Birthdays: George Milne March 2; Ed Rousse, March 2; Bertil Agell, March 11.
Anniversaries: Jim Catone, 8 years; Elizabeth LaPerle, 21 years; Liane Martinelli 3 years; Brenda Waterhouse, 2 years.
One More Fine: Round III
Getting more exercise, Tony arose yet again from his chair to propose a fine on Ted for leaving a dollar on the table. No defense and the fine passed.
Drizzle Cruise on the Hudson
Our program for today was a slideshow of one Karl Rinker’s trips up the Hudson River. Starting in Long Island Sound, he led us to La Guardia Airport where he was visited by the US Coast Guard, by Arthur Ashe Stadium where he and family attended the US Open, and through the Harlem River to the Hudson and north toward Lake Champlain. Along the way we saw rain covered photos of West Point, many lighthouses and scenic views of the banks along the Hudson. In Catskill, NY where they had to stop for a repairs, Karl reminded us of where he got the idea for a fundraiser involving sculptures of dogs based on Catskill’s cats. At Waterford, NY Karl and crew entered the Champlain Canal to return to Vermont. It was a very informative and entertaining presentation by one of Barre Rotary Club’s outstanding members.
Until next time...that's all folks.
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