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Chartered 1924
District 7850
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Granite Chips
Changeover Dinner: An Event in Three Acts
Social Time and Dinner: Act I
On June 26, 2019, twenty eight Rotarians, spouses, partners, friends and family gathered at the Country Club of Barre for the annual Changeover Dinner. The evening started with those assembled enjoying a beverage of their choice, nibbling on cheese, crackers and fruit and engaging in lively conversations. At 6:15 President Liane called for the rituals to commence. We sang America the Beautiful, recited the Pledge of Allegiance and listened to an eloquent Moment of Gratitude delivered by Joe Preddy. After a brief hiatus, the attendees were directed to the Italian buffet. Choices included salad, rolls and butter, two kinds of pasta, three sauces, meat balls, sausage, grilled chicken and sautéed  vegetables. The meal was topped off with cookies and a carrot cake. Of course, we couldn’t go without a fine and so Tom rose early on to fine Tony one-and-nine for telling a joke before the start of the meal that was not up to his (Tony’s) standards. Tony defended by sarcastically remarking about “all the funny accountants that we know.” Fine passed.
Gifts, Awards and Closing Remarks: Act II
With the meal complete, President Liane took her rightful place behind the lecture and with gavel in hand rang the bell to garner our attention.  She began by thanking the staff of the restaurant for a lovely meal.  Then, she asked Acting Secretary Bruce to give a Secretary’s Report. He noted that nothing much has transpired (birthdays and anniversaries) since our last meeting; however, “we have some unfinished business. A fine of 1 & 9 was proposed on Tony for not being at the meeting on the 19th   which was his birthday! The motion was seconded by everyone at the meeting. There was an amendment proposed, that since it was the 19th that the fine should actually be 1 & 19. However, cooler heads prevailed. At this point we needed to hear whatever feeble defense there might be.” Tony retorted that he was on a beach reflecting on the Barre Rotary Club. No one bought that line and Tony paid $5.00 in celebration of his 79th birthday.
Bruce went to say: “One of the things we as Rotarians have always had to deal with is the fact that our clubs in general do a poor job of promoting themselves. Tonight we need to honor one of our own who has pretty much been a non-self promoter.
Having joined the club in 2002 she has always been her own person, was always the voice of reason at the board meetings and would often look at the issue from  an alternative point of view, which often was the path taken. She has been a good Rotarian always giving back to the community. She is a Paul Harris Fellow + 1. Ladies and gentlemen I give you our former secretary since 2005 Susan Poczobut.”
President Liane called Susan to the podium and presented her with flowers, a Rotary floral pin and a Rotary Mug, thanking her for bringing her into this club, as well as all the years of service and showing how to be a model Rotarian.  There were several hugs and Sue gave her remarks to the club as a final official Rotarian, but said she would still be near for our events. She received a warm round of applause in appreciation for her dedication and hard work. 
I was singled out to come forward to receive a coffee mug and a set of on-the-rocks glasses for keeping President Liane on her toes during meetings, planning the Changeover Dinner and for being a scribe and the editor of Granite Chips.
In the continuation of awards, she asked the current slate of officers to come up:  Eddie, John, Ted, Loren and Bruce.  She presented them with Rotary Hats that say "Positive Lasting Change" on the back, as that is what this team will be continuing to bring to our club in the next year . We presented them a round of applause in appreciation of their fine work.
She then started speaking of a Rotarian who brings liveliness and joy to the meetings as well as making valuable contributions to the Barre Rotary Club.  This person, she said, works tirelessly in the background to keep this club forward moving. He sells ads for the Annual Rotary Breakfast placemats, is working on our major fall event and is part of the Rotary Foundation team. He is both passionate and compassionate. He keeps the coffers happy as the “King of Fines” and with his Happy Dollars. That is why President Liane named Tony Campos “Rotarian of Year” and asked him to come up to be presented with a lapel pin, a Rotary Hat that said "Be the Inspiration" as he inspires the Rotarian in all of us, and presented a plaque with his name on it showing him as “Rotarian of the Year” in recognition of such.   Tony gave a small, moving speech and was accorded a standing ovation.
In her closing remarks, President Liane talked about some of her accomplishments including moving the location of our club meetings to the American Legion for continued growth and success of the club, getting the 501(c)3 completed, a successful Masquerade Ball, increased visibility, reducing speakers to 2x a month to allow the club time to discuss our service projects, and as part of that, the establishment of working committees. The Summer Street mural, completed under the leadership of Caroline, she noted, provides daily visibility of the Barre Rotary, as do the Annual Rotary Breakfast and participation in the Barre Heritage Festival Parade. She had a great year and received a heartfelt round of applause and a standing ovation for a successful year as president.
Pin Exchange and Closing Remarks: Act III
President Liane in her last act as president asked Eddie to come forward. She then proceeded to affix the President Pin to his label and turned over the gavel to him. In turn, President Eddie pinned the Past President Pin on Liane and presented her with a gravel recognition plaque for her service as president 2018-19.
President Eddie recognized Immediate Past President Liane for her leadership and said that he may do things a little differently when he takes the reins which are expected with every leadership change. He knows the protocols of the office as he has served as the president of the Montpelier Rotary Club and wants to share his Rotary experience with his hometown club in Barre. He has been active this year as a member of Barre Rotary in planning the Annual Rotary Breakfast, participating in the Mural Tailgate Party, fund raising for the Summer Street Project and planning for the fall wine pairing event in the fall. He plans to raise more money than we give away and has helped establish the Barre Rotary Foundation, our new 501(c)(3) for donors to take a tax deduction when supporting our causes. By recognizing many of our citizens who support Rotary and the activities we foster, he hopes to establish a "Friends of Rotary" cult that can serve as a resource for some of our upcoming activities.  He said: “Think of the many people who volunteer at the Rotary Breakfast, those that helped make the Mural Project come to life, and our own Sue Poczobut who will no longer be a member, but will forever be a "Friend of Rotary" as an esteemed past member.  Jeremy Grenier is another example who will assist us with the Wine/Dinner pairing in October and Tony Campos has several people who support Barre Rotary when asked.   We all wish Eddie well in his year as President.
The event ended with a spectacular viewing of a double rainbow.  
Thanks for the contributions of Eddie, Liane and Bruce to this edition of Granite Chips.
Reminder: Next week’s meeting on Wednesday, July 3rd will be at the Aldrich Public Library.
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