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A Visit From the Governor


Reporting on the Reports

Sixteen Rotarians, including District Governor Richard Fox, met virtually at our weekly meeting hosted by President Eddie. After a cacophonous rendition of America the Beautiful, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance and listened to Joe’s thoughtful words of thanks. 

President Eddie reported that Highgate Apartments would like more masks. Ted reported on the masks being made by Vermont Flannel and showed several styles that are available. He also said that more funds may be made available by Rotary International. Tony reported that the Barre Senior Center would like more masks, but in a different style. D.G. Fox reported that District 7850 has applied for a $25,000 grant and if received, half will go to PPE, invoices must be provided and those in need must be identified. Funds will be distributed based on district needs rather than those of individual clubs. Caroline announced that Nicole has been appointed as an assistant governor serving Barre, Central Vermont, Montpelier and Northfield. She and Jamie Milne, the district governor for 2020-21, will be meeting with the presidents of those clubs and focus on ways that the clubs can work collaboratively.


Updates From District Governor Fox

President Eddie introduced District Governor Richard Fox. He said that the purpose of his visit was to update us on Rotary efforts in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. District governors of our zone meet on a regular basis via Zoom. The discussion centers around initiatives, what is being done and what needs to be done in responding to the pandemic. Rotary International has made two million dollars available in twenty-five thousand dollar district grants. Also, the leftover funds districts received back yearly from R.I will not need to be returned, but may be used for Covid-19 initiatives. Ninety percent of local club activities are focused on responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. Activities include acquiring and distributing foodstuffs and masks and partnering with other organizations to celebrate this year’s high school graduates. Most clubs in the district are meeting virtually with an increase in attendance and with more visitors, both non-Rotarians and Rotarians from other parts of the country and from all over the world. Tony suggested that we make a video of what we do and D.G. Fox added that the focus should be on service. Tony also suggested that we should set up a committee to explore Bruce’s idea for an alternative fundraiser for the Aldrich. 


Rotarians Speaking About Rotary

President Eddie asked Lindsay about her experience as a new Rotarian. She said that she looks forward to meetings and has become more aware of community needs and what she can do to serve. Nicole was asked about being a member of Barre Rotary and she, as a member of other clubs and visiting several others, has found the members of this club to be fun, a great cross section of people with multiple access to resources and spheres of influence, and having great respect for one another. Bruce with thirty years as a member of Rotary noted the aspect of knowing what goes on in a community leads to making the community better and that betterment becomes world wide. 

Since Last We Meet

Anniversaries: Ray Bettis  3 years  May 1

Lest We Forget: From the Bulletin of May 4th 1931- “ Little boy do you know what becomes of  boys who use bad language when they play marbles”? “ Yes sir they grow up and play golf”!



Until next time, that’s all folks…...

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We no longer meet at The Legion, 320 North Main Street, Barre, VT, 802.479.9058. Until further notice we only meet online. For more information please click here to contact President Rousse.
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