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Rotary Meeting – 09/22/21
From Granite Chips Cub Reporter Caroline Earle
And now we give thanks…
Member Bruce Fisher gave a wonderful invocation today, drawing from his archives from the Colchester and Ellsworth, ME Rotary clubs. We give thanks for Bruce’s reflections today.
A New but not so New Visitor
We were happy to welcome Rotarian Andrew Delaney, who has practiced for a few years in Barre but has just relocated here from Bethel. Andy was given a crash course in Barre Rotary unplugged. Will he be back….only time will tell!
Karl Rinker Fan Club
Our happy dollars were dominated today with a show of appreciation for member Karl Rinker’s creativity and commitment on the Barre Art Splash. Even member Nicole DiDomenico, who confessed her early skepticism, was convinced that Karl was a master planner and fundraiser. Contributors to the Karl Rinker Fan Club: Caroline Earle, Nicole DiDomenico and Bruce Fischer.  
Additional happy dollars were contributed by honorary member Doug Bullett (successful back surgery and visits from his son & granddaughter) and member Nicole DiDomenico (Peace of Mind Planner is a great read for those who want to plan for their estate).
All in all, a happy haul.
Fickle Fines
As Doug Bullett reminded us, no good deed goes unpunished. Karl put this to the test by proposing a fine on all members who had helped out with the Barre Art Splash. While Caroline objected that the fine was inconsistent with our Rotary Four Way Test, Bob Pope suggested that it was completely consistent with Barre Rotary’s values. After robust conversation and an amendment by Loren, who proposed another $1 fine for all those who did not help with the BAS, the amendment and motion were passed. The basket was overflowing ….
District Delights
Caroline shared that District 7850 has selected a new District Governor Nominee Designate - Monique Priestley - as the next in line to be District Governor in 2024-25. Monique is the current President of the Cohase Rotary E-Club, which draws membership from Vermont & New Hampshire. Home - Cohase Rotary eClub Simply Google Monique’s name to get a sense of her devotion to community and to service & her impressive leadership experience. Monique will be a young District Governor in 2024-25, infusing our District with new perspective and energy.
Information about this year’s Rotary Youth Speech Contest will be coming soon as well as information about the District Teacher’s Scholarship. Caroline urged our Club to take advantage of both opportunities.
Finally, Caroline highlight the upcoming virtual District Training on November 13th. A Save the Date email will be sent to all Rotarians soon and there will be something to engage all members, whether in a club role or not.
Secretary Shares
Bruce reminded us that member Loren has been with our Club 3 years, and that his own birthday was spent working the BAS on September 18th. (And yes he was fined for volunteering on his birthday…)
On this day in history in 1862, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring effective January 1, 1863, “that all persons held as slaves” in the rebellious states “henceforth shall be free.” This act turned the civil war decisively into a war against slavery.
State Archivist Tanya Marshall Keeps Vermont’s Records Straight
Bruce introduced our featured speaker for the meeting, State Archivist Tanya Marshall. Tanya has been the caretaker of Vermont’s public records since July 2012. In 2021, she was appointed by the Secretary of the United States Senate to serve on the Advisory Committee to the Records of Congress.
Tanya educated and charmed us with her lively introduction to her career and our state’s archives. In 2003, as a young mother of three, Tanya arrived from DC with no specific plan to get involved in Vermont’s archive offices. She received a surprise phone call and was offered an interview for a part time archivist position by then State Archivist Gregory Sanford. Sanford was grappling with a new law requiring that the Secretary of State take over preservation and protection of public records. Arriving at the Harry Potter-like Redstone Building, Tanya was promptly offered the job, rolled up her sleeves and dug in. Our State has been the better for it ever since.
The Archivist’s mission is to protect, promote and preserve public records. In the process of fulfilling her statutory responsibilities, Tanya has helped establish a new office for the archives in Middlesex, worked with state agencies, the legislature and the judiciary on best practices in preserving electronic and paper records, and ensure that our citizen’s rights are protected through the preservation of historical documents.
It is good news that our State Archivist does not hide in the shelves but joined us today for this informative and engaging presentation!
Ted’s the Ticket!
Our guest speaker chose Ted Goulette’s raffle ticket number to end our meeting. We received confirmation from our State Archivist that the raffle ticket does not need to be preserved or archived in any way.
Until next time...that's all folks.
Club Information
We meet every Wednesday at
12:00 Noon at Post 10 of
The American Legion,
320 North Main Street,
Barre, VT.
Call 802.479.9058 for more information,
or to email President Tony Campos please 
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