The Rotary Club of 
Barre, Vermont
Chartered 1924
District 7850
PO Box 167
Barre, VT 05641
A Visit from the District Governor and Two New Members
Lots of Dollars and President Caroline Receives a Pin from an Old Flame
After the rituals were completed, sixteen Rotarians sat down and most of them dined on shepherd’s pie, salad and cookies. Tom was first to garner President Caroline’s attention and proposed a fine of one-and-nineteen on me for wearing an inappropriate sweater at the Party and Wrap event on Saturday. Poor eye sight would have been my only defense, but since it is 20-20 corrected, I pleaded guilty as charged. President Caroline came to my defense pointing out that I had provided merriment for many of the event participants. Fine passed. President Caroline gave a Happy Dollar in saluting Tom’s wife, Linda for reaching out to the young people and encouraging their participation. Tony gave a Sad Dollar because on his way to the meeting he had sensed a bad omen and sure enough it came true as evidenced by being stifled by President Caroline’s imposed fine limit. Tom proposed a fine of one-and-nine on President Caroline for sucking up to the District Governor. She gave an impassioned defense about nothing being wrong with showing a little kindness. Fine passed. Two Happy Dollars were given in recognition of Sarah and Ted as the fastest wrappers at Saturday’s event. President Caroline gave a Happy Dollar to celebrate the collaboration of five organizations at the Party and Wrap event: Santa World Santa Fund, Central Vermont Rotary, Barre Rotary, Central Vermont Young Professionals, and the Salvation Army. 110 coats and hats were wrapped in a record time of forty five minutes and there were 549 views of the pictures on Facebook. Karl rose to conduct one of his quizzes on our website: “What are the three top stories?” he posed. Sarah answered correctly and Tony noted that “nothing stuck out” for him. Caroline read a letter from a guy she dated twenty-five years ago. He belongs to the original Chicago Rotary Club and he sent her a Rotary pin on which the three branches of the Chicago River are represented.  Homer gave a Happy Dollar quote: “Just because I’m here.”
Secretary’s Report
Sue introduced our guest and former Barre Rotarian, Homer Fitts. Chandra L. Pollard has applied for membership in our Club; this is the first notice of  her intention to become a member. Elizabeth proposed a fine of one-and-nine on Sue for her remark after George said that Homer was in the Club before he was: “You have got to be kidding!” Sue’s defense was a stroll done memory lane harking back to the days when she worked for George and recalling when he was District Governor. That stroll yielded another dollar for the Club.
Treasurer’s Report
Elizabeth reported that she, Karl and Joe distributed dictionaries and atlases at the Barre City Elementary and Middle School this morning to third and five graders. The rest will be distributed after the new year.
Membership Moment
Scott provided us with yet another metaphor, but I was distracted and didn’t get much it. It had something to do with Membership Matters and Me-Me and “you matter to our membership.”
District Governor Encourages Us to Apply for a Rotary Citation
President Caroline introduced District Governor Denu. Eric spoke about what previously has been referred to as a Presidential Citation and is now called a Rotary Citation. Clubs will be recognized for completing activities that support this year’s theme—Rotary: Making A Difference. In order to receive the Citation, clubs must achieve goals related to Rotary’s three strategic priorities: to support and strengthen clubs; focus and increase humanitarian service; and enhance Rotary’s public image and awareness. President Caroline and the Board of Directors will review the goals and activities and decide whether or not to apply.
Our First Corporate Membership and First Joint Classification Talk
Anita and Frank Hoy were inducted in a brief ceremony and received their Rotary pins and a kit which included a member certificate.
Frank started the classification talk by telling us that he was born in Buffalo, N.Y. and grew up on a farm. When he was a toddler, he couldn’t go outside sometimes because the snow was deeper than he was tall (not a problem now-see photos). He worked as a mechanic until a back injury sidelined him and so he began exploring the world of computers. He earned an associate’s degree in computer programming in 1997. He first met Anita when she sought his help and brought him her computer and he fixed the speakers.  He started repairing computers for friends and then decided to start a business in 1998, Digital Force. Among his accounts were the Community of Vermont Elders, Anderson Imprints, Agway, and Progressive Plastics. His services include repair, maintenance, network backups, web design, consulting and security and protection. He and Anita enjoy hiking and biking and she adds running to the mix. She runs every bike route that they ride.
Anita grew up in Mystic, Connecticut and moved to Vermont in 1982, carefree and young. She settled in Northfield and renovated the owner’s four bedroom house in exchange for rent and prepared for the birth of her first child. She went on to manage the Four Seasons Community Home before entering the fitness/wellness field. She became a trainer at Wedgewood which later was purchased and renamed First in Fitness. She was Director of the Women’s Center and then became Director of Fitness for both the Berlin and Montpelier clubs. She also worked for the Community of Vermont Elders specializing in Medicaid fraud and as a personal trainer for Snap Fitness. She loves working with people to help them relieve stress through massage, stretching, fitness and health coaching. Engaging in these activities one can expect increased mind-body awareness and reduction of the effects of aging. Her business, Fluidly Moving Body Works is located on Washington Street in Barre and a new location on Main Street in Montpelier will be opening soon. She will be offering massage, stretching and nutritional counseling at the new location. In celebration of its opening Anita added a Happy Dollar to the Club coffers. 
'till next time, that's all folks....
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